LA Festival Feature Script: Silver Daze, by Rebecca Harvey

C9a1fc20b9 posterBrooke’s mom warned her that men never change and that as a man without a romantic bone in his body, Brooke would probably regret her choice in a husband. But Brooke had faith in her love. The queen of sparkles and everything romantic, she was determined to find romance with Jamie, the man of her dreams- even if he didn’t fit that “Mr. Romantic” mold.
Jamie is, and always has been a germaphobic, meat and potatoes kind of guy. He’s always liked fishing and working on cars, minding his own business, staying away from people (and their germs) and smoking weed. Brooke, on the other hand has always been outgoing, extremely curious, warm, loving and as it turns out, pretty clumsy.
After twenty-five years of living in marital harmony, Brooke is ready to add some romance to their somewhat ho-hum existence by melding her dreams of romantic interludes with Jamie’s love of pot. What better place to meld the two loves than in the home of the iconic Rhastaman, Bob Marley?
Set in Jamaica, the two embark on a short but sweet trip full of stalker skinny-cats, nip slips, trips, falls, bearded fireworms, gay flirtation, boogers, poop, tinkle accidents and of course adventures in weed. Between all of that, Brooke attempts to squeeze in some romance, but in the end, it is Jamie who creates the Hollywood-style happy ending she’d been wishing for all along.
Brooke has always craved romance in her life, but when she finds the love of her life, he doesn’t have a romantic bone in her body. Or so she thinks. After 25 years of marriage, Brooke plans a special anniversary trip to Jamaica. Her husband is more excited about the pot he could score than of the romantic adventures they have. Comedic hilarity ensues.


Writer – Rebecca B Harvey

By pitchstory

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