LA Festival Short Film: Childish Wendigo, by Shin Ta Yang

0a7bd6e20c posterDAKOTA CHIVAS, an Indian severe patient of Wendigo psychosis, cooks his wife and feeds his son ANNO CHIVAS with her flesh without telling him, which makes him a patient later. His plan to eat his son after his growing up also makes Anno afraid of maturity and develop Peter Pan syndrome. Escaping from home, Anno falls in love with single pregnant CHRISTINA ALLEN and tries to control syndrome. After being cheated by an anti-abortionist doctor JAKE, Anno kills and eats him, which scares Christina. After ideological struggle, she continues to stay. NONGRAM, a Thai midwife successfully helping her abortion, gets missing after her house was demolished by a profit-seeking Chinese, BEN WONG, a man who made Christina pregnant and abandoned her. During the flee because of Jake’s dead, Anno learns Christina secretly fed him with her flesh to prevent his syndrome from happening.

Writer Biography – ShinTa Yang

4c4be8f70e headshot

ShinTa Yang, a 21-year-old Taiwanese boy, is a senior student of Nanjing University majoring in Journalism and communication. Because of the study of news research and nonfiction writing, some of ShinTa’s feature films are still with a certain degree of historicity, shot from the perspective of reflecting and recording history. Besides, being as a hiphop choreographer for many famous shows at the same time, ShinTa has a strong background and ability in music and dance video production. ShinTa also works as the official video director of London International Award and has won some awards such as New York Festival, Times Young Award, Champion of Asia University Dance Competition and so on.


Writer Statement

An Indian teenager with both Peter Pan syndrome, prone to childlike tendencies and Wendigo psychosis, an addiction to human flesh is touched by a pretty kind white woman. They try to start a new life against poverty, anti-abortionism and racial discrimination, gradually learning that they both have shocking secrets concealing each other.

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