LA Festival Short Film: Total Fiction, by Lauren Unger, Larry Unger

812ebc0b26 posterThis movie is about the total fact of drug smuggling into the USA during the 1960’s, One man was able to ride the wave of adventure, danger, and lost in his request for liberating americans through fighting the prohibition of Marjuana. Our Hero became a pilot to smuggle thousands of lbs of Marijuana into USA boarders, while never needing a gun. Never encourtering the police until his demise of tax evasion. Our hero built the new jail by paying the inmates on marijuana, see how our hero liberated America.


Writer Biography – Lauren Unger, Larry Unger

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Lauren Unger CSAC is a certified substance abuse counselor in VA and a writer/director/editor triple threat. She has been producing/ writing/ and directing short films to help reduce to stigma of mental illness and substance abuse. Lauren has completed 2 short films and will be shooting Chapter 3 this spring 2019. In her day job, Lauren has successfully helped many individuals with co-occurring disabilities, substance use disorders, criminal histories, deaf/hard of hearing, Spanish populations in permanent long-term employment. She works closely with individuals to determine realistic goals and assist them in achieving their employment and educational goals through supported employment. She began using media to showcase and reduce the stigma to mental health and substance abuse through media art. Lauren graduated with a BS from George Mason University and a CSAC from Northern Virginia Community College. Lauren began the fine media consulting firm Propping Up Recovery LLC in 2016 to better address the tools needed in recovery. She brought her expertise and passion in recovery to formulate the EMO Blend Essential oil, Strawberry Recovery Plant, and produces fine media art. Laurens parents divorced after 40 years of marriage when she was 35, she uses this project to stay connect with her father.

Writer Statement

You are going to love this Mini Series


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