Feature Film: THE TUCSON DECEPTION, by Jagan Ramamoorthy

While investigating bizarre alien-abduction-like murders, FBI agents discover and walk into a top secret laboratory where from global UFO sightings are being staged. They plan a grand expose of this fraudulent practice when a real extraterrestrial spaceship takes over the night sky.

Young and handsome Aaron Lazar breaks into a covert bunker facility in Tucson, Arizona, where from faked global UFO sightings are perpetuated and propagandized. The chief scientist, (Dr. Lazar)’s special unit is held captive and the classified Roswell UFO files are prevented from a full public disclosure. Aaron befriends Dr. Lazar, must convince him to do the right thing and expose the fraud. Trouble begins when a real alien mothership arrives to ruin their day. Hot on their heels is a ‘never say die’ FBI agent who’d go to any lengths to keep the Roswell files classified. A newspaper tycoon has other ideas and wishes to capitalize on this conspiracy. He plays all sides of a deadly cat and mouse game. When Aaron and Dr. Lazar are apprehended and put in a prison, Aaron learns who Dr. Lazar really is. Having been MIA for decades, Dr. Lazar tells Aaron they must outsmart the federal agents and seek help from the real aliens. Aaron learns, as we do, about who and what the aliens really are, where they came from. Would Aaron and Dr. Lazar succeed in their endeavor? Let’s find out.

Written By: J.R.

Author: pitchstory

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