Feature Script: WAR THAT NEVER WAS, by Viktoriia Grivina

Feature Script: MAD DOG, by David Wickenden

Feature Script: TO SEA, by Luc Alper-Leroux

1st Scene Festival Feature Script: BLOOMING ORCHARD, by Cecilia Michelangeli

1st Scene Festival Feature Script: THE RELIEF, by Max Highsmith

Feature Script: DANCING WITH DEFEAT, by Dan Hart

LA Festival Feature Script: A Compound Love, by Wesley Chambers

LA Festival Feature Script: Blueprint, by Angelina Dobson

LA Festival Feature Script: Black Desert, by Marie Jones

Feature Script: CORONA’S NINE, by Mark Thiru

Feature Script: THE 7TH BIBLING, by Josephine A. Latimer

Feature Script: COSMIC BRUISING, by John Long

Feature Script: THE ESTATE, by Joel Hogan

Feature Script: A GIRL CALLED JOHNNIE, by M B Sieve

Feature Script: THE WRONG NUMBER, by Garry Hicks

Feature Script: Maximizing Maximus©, by Nneka Jenkins

Feature Script: AT A WAKE, by Syretta A. Walker

Feature Film: THE TUCSON DECEPTION, by Jagan Ramamoorthy

Feature Script: FORGIVEN THIS GUN 4 HIRE, by Nicholas M. Catello

Feature Script: THE TUNNEL, by Jessiah O’Donnell

Feature Script: BONES OF RIBBON, by Ashley Sanders

Feature Script: LOWLIFE, by Keshav Srinivasan

Feature Script: ORDER OF THE SAINTS, by Joe Bitonti

Feature Script: SILENCING WHISPERS, by Czaar Desikan

By pitchstory

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