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The burnt out executive of a five star international hotel chain is sent to close a rundown tropical island resort but instead finds fulfilment, love and adventure helping the widowed manager and her resolute staff save it, first from the ravages of time and then a killer cyclone.

FRANGIPANI RAIN was written as a simple but strong romantic story featuring gentle humour intended for mainstream family audiences.
The premise is that nature recycles. Our lives are a part of that natural cycle in that we must in some way die in order to be reborn.
Simon Webster is a burnt out British hotel chain Executive whose professional and personal life has broken down. He finds himself renewed in saving the rundown tropical resort he was sent to wind up and making it his new home.
As part of this process, he falls in love with Jenny, the widowed resident Manager.
The once beautiful resort itself, ravaged over time by nature but resurrected by Simon, Jenny and their staff, faces a final challenge when hit by a devastating cyclone, just when its future seemed assured.
In both cases, as in nature itself, the chance for a new start can only be won by sacrifice and commitment.


Writer – Les McDiarmid

By pitchstory

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