The Blockade Of Charles Town, by Sammer Abu Al Ragheb


B916d1dd32 posterAt the end of 1718, BLACKBEARD the pirate amassed a wealth that was talked about all over the West Indies. England was closing in on him and so were the royal courts of Europe. For him, he wanted more before retiring from piracy. He decided to score one last score.

Given the feud between Blackbeard and a business partner ALEXANDER SPOTSWOOD, in affect to the Treaty Of Utrecht and the flourishing conglomerate factions of the East India Company, and the sworn lands of the United Provinces; the governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood decreed a royal proclamation (an assembly to kill or capture pirates) directed especially at Blackbeard and his crew, in fear of losing his lands and investments to the truth of commerce in the New Found Providence. Since both shared a common commerce attributing to the mentioned institutions above by creating a chain of markets around the West Indies, Spotswood found that Blackbeard is a threat. A complicated web of illegal markets that stretched hundreds of miles. And Spotswood believed that once Edward signs the king’s pardon, he will confess to all of it.

Luckily for Blackbeard, king GEORGE decrees a pardon for all pirates. Given his strategic mind, he takes the advantage and pursues it, which was to accept the pardon after scoring this one last score and leaving Spotswood to his greed and Proclamation.

Now his crew has fallen sick and he’s going to need a healthy crew before venturing out on this last expedition. Being anchored close to Charles Town, he approaches the harbor and requests a formal exchange with the governor. The governor replies with a threat to either surrender or accept the pardon, or Blackbeard will be dealt with as a pirate and a hostile threat. Blackbeard will only have it his way. He blockades the entire harbor and sends out three letters-one to the governor of Charles Town and two to his closest business parties, one letter goes out to Captain ANNE BONNY & JACK RACKHAM, & Captain MARRY READ, and one letter goes out to Captain STEDE BONNET.

The letter to the Governor explains that he is in need of medicines to help his crew, and after that he would sail straight to England and accept the pardon from his majesty the king himself. Given the proclamation from Governor Alexander Spotswood, Governor JOHNSON of Charles Town is forced to abide by his promise to the House of Hanover and refuses to aid Blackbeard unless he surrenders and or accepts the pardon.

Both the Governor of Charles Town and Blackbeard also have history together and are greatest of friends, but politics always seeds the poison crop of better people. Blackbeard has always been a devotee to the House of Stuart-when George of Hanover took over the throne after Queen ANNE, everything changed. So if Governor Johnson aids Blackbeard without accepting the pardon, it would be taken as treason against the Crown of England, which by this time is Great Britain. And if Blackbeard accepts the pardon, then he will not have the chance to score this one last score, because his entire crew would be put to pen and signature, and that is something he is not ready for.

Now Blackbeard’s main plan is, as soon as he gets the medicines, he’s wind to Nassau where he will stock up and rendezvous with Anne, Rackham, Read, and Bonnet to venture to the unimaginable wealth that awaits them, in which will secure all of them for the rest of their lives. And only then, that he’ll sail back to England and accept the king’s pardon, personally.

Without a doubt, Anne Bonney and Marry Read are the pirate queens of the West Indies, and we all know that Blackbeard dies that same year, in 1718. After his death, the only people in the West Indies that know about this unimaginable wealth is Anne, Rackham and Marry, and their crew, because Bonnet is captured and hanged as well, in Charles Town. Anne and Blackbeard both helped Nassau become a sustainable community by their own rights. Whether defying a crown or not, their main prospect and prosper was to see Nassau become its own government, lead by all manner of reasoning pirates and the freedom of civilization.

Both Anne and Blackbeard shared the seas together, and after Blackbeard’ defeat on the banks of Ocracoke by Lieutenant MAYNARD, she and Marry vowed to avenge him by finding this treasure and securing the remainder of Blackbeard’s crew in a sustainable Nassau. In their own mind, they knew this wealth would be the only way to save Nassau from the House of Hanover and Spotswood, and to save all pirates, even to those who would not accept the king’s pardon.

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