The Soul Stone, by Steve Randolph

4a63b6e3ed posterTrue natures of the Souls, that the Stone encounters.


Writer Biography – Steve Randolph

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My name is Steve Randolph, and where I never aspired to be a writer, I now present my book, “The Soul Stone”. I have been largely un-scarred by education in my life, but with that said, I have accomplished many amazing things to be proud of. I also have produced quite a few, amazingly bad things, that had left me and others, not so proud of the outcome. All these things make up who I am. As I said, I never wanted to be a writer, and some of you will claim that I am still not one, so its a good thing I did not do this for you. Despite everything I bring into this, or did not bring into this, I wrote a book. There have been people who have tried to help along the way, but I think it was more than they could tolerate given my unfamilier writing skills, I say, thank you anyway. I am a storyteller, and a visual writer, as this story came to me in a very vivid dream, so my writing aligns with that technique, and because I have been told, it would have been easier for me to write a screen play rather than a novel, so now I have both. I also have started my second story, as this has become another passion in my life.
I would like to acknowledge my family for all the wonderful hours walking the beaches stone gazing and searching for our own Soul Stone. Finally, the truth is, none of this would had been possible if, I hadnt stopped the denial process, and by the grace of god, my higher power, have stayed sober for many years with the help of certain programs. These factors all have their place, and I am forever in amazement of the true miracles that life can bring us if we, and in this case, can stay out of the way.

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