Hope, by Tienny The

5fbea6215c posterDeep inside a womb, a foetus begins to move around and feel own mother’s heartbeat, differentiating every voice and sound. Foetus is unaware of its own birth in the delivery room of a hospital.


Writer Biography – Tienny The

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Tienny is an animator who graduated with a Diploma in Animation Art from Lasalle College of the Arts. Her focus is illustration and animation for young children with the interest in the pre-production process – script, storyboarding and character design. Her style draws heavily towards education and manga style. Besides that, she cares about the storytelling aspect thus she studied scriptwriting masterclass.

She has worked on projects 2D animation B2B vs BFF for Google, illustrate children’s book ‘An instrument for Eddie’, comic inking for Association of Comic Artists (Singapore), character, web and app design for TTC Apps, and even art and robotics teaching jobs to various MOE schools on assignment basis.

She wins an AFCC 2017 Super Short Story Award in April 2017 and Vega Arcturus Winner Award on 17 December 2018.

Her designs are suitable for publications such as storybooks and also promotional materials such as posters and booklets. Prospective services might include publishers, educational institutions such as kindergarten and child cares and even teaching and training curriculums.

Writing stories is part of her muse and imagination to her child and children to communicate about certain aspects of life.

Currently, she is majoring in Illustration and Animation Design at Raffles College of Higher Education in Singapore. During my study at Raffles, I have enhanced my writing skill, especially in scriptwriting. I am adept at using design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effect, and Premiere Pro. Moreover, I am self-motivated to pursue higher knowledge and acquire rich industry experiences to strengthen my skills and portfolio.

Writer Statement

“Where do babies come from? How do I come into this world?” That was the question my three-year-old son asked, which I thought interesting. Those were simple yet challenging questions many parents have attempted to answer to their children. Back then I was able to explain it simply to him.

Those questions sparked my imagination. Portraying a matured nine-month-old baby in the womb, I lost myself in the creative process. Suddenly, I was seeing from the baby’s perspectives, feeling its many restrictive constraints before being borne.

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