THE WANDERER, by Mark Hafner, Linda Lee, Geoffrey Reiter, Rachel Miller

C918750eaa posterLeo, a boy genius, takes no interest in family, friends, or any hobbies other than science and technology, until he receives a balloon. He takes the balloon wherever he goes. One day, this balloon flies into the sky, prompting Leo to chase it into space with his home-made rocket ship. As he travels from planet to planet, Leo discovers the promise-and the peril-of his love for invention. As he stumbles into an ancient conflict, he’ll need all his ingenuity to escape, but he’ll also need qualities he’s never yet learned: strength of character and care for other people. Can he grow in time to save himself…and perhaps the galaxy?


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Writer Biography – Mark Hafner, Linda Lee, Geoffrey Reiter, Rachel Miller

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Mark Hafner was born in El Paso, Texas. His passion growing up has been music and has recently developed a passion for film scoring. While pursuing his undergraduate degree in Music, Mark decided to minor in English and acquired an appreciation for literature. While composing his first album under the name, “Electrick Moss,” Mark Hafner developed the idea for his animation tv series called, “The Wanderer,” which is about a boy with superior intelligence who searches the universe for someone he cherishes only to find himself in an ancient conflict among the stars.

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