A1ff306c7f posterWe OPEN TO the WELTSCHMERZ ZEPPELIN with it’s GIANT EYE LOGO, in the night sky, hovering over The World Class City, AD 2020.
Flying Squad motorcycle cop Frank Franju patrols a street near a graveyard.
Targeted as the subject of an experiment to further the technology of the M-CLOUD mental television broadcast by the Zeppelin hovering over the City, the policeman is forced into a collision with a van next to a tombstone inscribed, “F. GOLEM.”
The obsessive Hungarian Mad Scientist, Howard Doppel, has transferred Franju’s memories to a Weltschmerz M-CLOUD stream. Inadvertently, he creates Franju’s DOPPELGANGER, a 15-year-old boy with platinum blond hair, wearing virtual reality sunglasses, and armed with a CHEAP PLASTIC XBOX 360 CONTROLLER that produces it’s own M-CLOUD. Doppel sees Franju’s dog, Fluffy, in the memory stream and lusts for him.
Again, we see the Zeppelin in the night sky, hovering near the needle-like WELTSCHMERZ TOWER.
The image of the Zeppelin dissolves into a daytime image of the extinct volcano, Mt Scartarus in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.
Franju, is recovering from his accident by vacationing, hiking on Mt Scartarus. He sees a green AURA; a green light in the caldera of the extinct volcano. We hear the threnody of Golem’s Cheap Plastic XBOX Controller M-CLOUD. In his Bratislava hotel room, Franju experiences a nightmare in which his sister and the alluring Roxette Burstner both appear. The next morning, Franju experiences claustrophobia taking the rickety elevator down to the lobby.
Arriving at World Class City airport, Franju recognizes Roxette Burstner, daughter of Weltschmerz
president, Victor Burstner, and the fiancé of Mad Scientist, Doppel, a newscast as the woman in his dream. He then has a baffling vision of a young boy being taken away from his home and family in a car. From his new job as a journalist for the Dyslexic Press, Franju contacts Roxette to share his dream experience. Annoyed by this intrusion and suspicious of his journalistic motives, refers Franju to a therapist and hangs up.
Golem, now appears in The World Class City with some features of Andy Warhol. He alone sees the M-CLOUD infused inhabitants of the City as EXPRESSIONIST LOOKING FACELESS GHOSTS in his VR Sunglasses. M-CLOUD has demonically possessed them, and possessed they are unfree GHOSTS of themselves.
Franju visits his half-sister’s apartment to discover that his dog FLUFFY has been murdered. He discovers
something in Fluffy’s paw, an opaque contact lens which would cover an entire eyeball, not unlike the WELTSCHMERZ Zeppelin EYE LOGO. He reports the crime to the police, and is frustrated by their bureaucratic trivializing and nonchalance. Nothing seems to be done about it. Franju is angry and distraught.
Golem, roars through the City streets on a Kawasaki Ninja H2 motorcycle, and through the security gates at the Weltschmerz Broadcast Tower and into the building, careening in the hallways, to disrupt a prime time M-CLOUD transmission.

Later, on assignment in the lawless Victory Underground, Franju photographs a violent underground
confrontation with the police, and narrowly escapes arrest.

Franju’s license plate is laser-tagged by the Police and a misfiring of the DEATH RAY from the Weltschmerz Tower vapourizes the Thomas Hobbes School of Law, instead of his car. Fortunately, he obtains a special blackmarket nanotech plate coating from Shanghai at Ho Li Cow’s garage in Chinatown, to avoid future detection.

At his apartment, he speaks with kindly old Rabbi Loew who raised Golem in an orphanage.
In Doppel’s penthouse suite, Roxette is the victim of another experiment involving the scientist’s
technique for probing memory. Doppel places a pair of strange contact lens on a tray that he removes from his eyes, worn during the experiment.
Doppel later reveals his aspirations of social control through his new Song 2.1 MEMORY MANIPLULATION technology. He experiment with it on Roxette, but then, Roxette leaves abruptly.
FRANJU receives a package from Rabbi Loew consisting of a Silenius doll which belonged to Golem, a
photograph of a women who appeared in FRANJU’s dream of the young boy, a kosher meatloaf for a
A Security Alert interrupts Franju’s musings. Hanging out his window, he photographs the capture of an Underground rebel by the police. Roxette re-surfaces at a nightclub, where Golem uses his CHEAP PLASTIC XBOX 360 CONTROLLER to send a disruptive M-CLOUD and instigate a riot among the Song-crazed clientele.
Franju imagines he sees Golem’s face in his bedroom mirror and faints onto his bed.
Distraught, the next day, he pays a visited to a psychologist he once dated and has a séance with his dead dog.
Golem’s exploits dominate the morning news. Franju again attempts to contact Roxette. Threatening to
expose her exhibitionist past, Franju pressures Roxette into inviting him to the Burstner family cottage in
the Beaches. There, Victor Burstner rages at Golem’s continuing sabotage of the M-CLOUD network, and demands that Doppel give him the new 2.1 transmission codes to prevent further security breaches.
Franju twice glimpses the peculiar Bronco at the cottage before his interview with the anonymity-
obsessed Burstner. The old man reveals little to the journalist, who, like Doppel, believes that Franju knows more about Golem than he is saying.
Burstner is accosted in his limo by Mort Pesque, a phantom insurance agent conjured up by Golem’s M-Cloud transmission. He fires a gun into the empty back seat and enters the Weltschmerz building traumatized. In his office, Burstner is visited by Golem who uses his CHEAP PLASTIC XBOX 360 CONTROLLER on him. Afterwards, Roxette phones Franju to accompany her to hospital where the crazed Burstner has been taken. She candidly reveals that Golem was her half-brother, rejected by Burstner as a bastard.
While waiting for Roxette at the hospital, Franju observes the odd-looking Dr. Zemmicker, a reputed
Victory Underground rebel leader, engaged in a PRIMAL SCREAM THERAPY SESSION for child victims of M-CLOUD overdose. Franju and Roxette witness Victor’s mental disarray in his hospital bed, and Roxette contends that Doppel is responsible for her father’s condition, and confesses that she has never had sex with Doppel, even though they’d been going out for almost a year.
Trapped in her car with Franju in a traffic jam, Roxette is overcome by sexual urges due to Doppel’s
experiments on her, and they immediately drive to the cottage where they make passionate love until exhausted.

Awakened by Bronco’s SMECK drug-induced crashing in the kitchen, Roxette confronts the punk in a noisy argument.

Franju eavesdrops on talk of Burstner’s ambiguous sex life and is then suddenly overcome by visions of
Golem’s actions until Roxette screams, as she is being kidnapped by Bronco.
Franju chases Bronco’s car downtown, losing him in the Victory Underground, but then spotting to
the vehicle outside The Factory. Further screaming leads the journalist to a gun-point confrontation
with Zemmicker, who agrees to help Franju find Bronco, when he finds out it may lead to Doppel’s secret
Bronco has taken Roxette to the Victory Underground district, inhabited by ROUGH BOY BIKERS, to have some fun with her. Inside, in a SMECK DEN(a preferred buttery drug the ROUGH BOYS smear on their ears, making them GLOW RED) called the Cookie Room, Bronco dances frenetically around captive Roxette in front of an gloating Rough Boy and Girl audience.
Franju and Zemmicker are temporarily seized by the Rough Boys, and Bronco escapes with Roxette through a fire exit.
A cross-town chase of Bronco with the kidnapped Roxette ends with Bronco parking his car at the House of Mirrors on the grounds of the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). A steel door opens onto a never ending staircase, a drop-away tunnel, a serpentine maze and a cavern housing a huge Expressionist oval building with only one entrance. Franju and Zemmicker retreat back into the House of Mirrors at the sight of Bronco with two armed men.
Golem is also appears in House of Mirror as mirror image of Franju and uses his CONTROLLER to eliminate one of Doppel’s men, who imagine a phantasmagoric serpent that snaps his head off. By the same illusion, the manic Bronco is then turned into believing that he is a CROW.
Franju and Zemmicker, and somehow Golem now enter the large Oval building.
Generated by Golem, a hologram of grinning Victor dressed up as a Gay Biker appears on Doppel’s monitor. Golem’s CHEAP CONTROLLER transmission begins to destroy Doppel’s entire system. The Weltschmerz Zeppelin explodes.
Franju sees that Doppel is wearing the fully opaque contact lens, which turn his eyeballs opaque.
Franju grabs the electrodes that were attached to the sides of Roxette’s head and plunges them into Doppel’s eyes. Doppel screams as his eyes explode.
Another explosion turns the lab into an inferno. Franju, Roxette and Zemmicker rush desperately into an open elevator which rapidly descends. Their progress is interrupted by a falling rock stuck between to shaft and the elevator, which Franu must climb out onto the roof to dislodge. The car’s plunges with terrific
speed. When the car’s inertial force finally lessens, Zemmicker and Roxette pull him back inside.
Suddenly, the trio are thrown against a wall and pressed to the roof as the car begins to rapidly rise. With a crash the car stops. Franju, first to recover consciousness, sees the image of Fluffy, photobombed by Golem, in a green AURA on Golem’s sunglasses which appear on the elevator floor. Golem himself has disappeared. The three survivors climb out of the car and find themselves at the foot of the extinct volcano, Mt. Scartaris, in the Tatra Mountains.



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