SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Kangaroo Time, Alex Moreno



He is a brilliant medical student. An amazing linguist. A charmer of the “ladies”… but now Al Marino has met his match! (Sounds of a baby crying!)

Al Marino is an immature but likeable med student driven to his lifelong dream of being a doctor…After getting the med-school Dean’s daughter pregnant, Al eventually warms to fatherhood, especially after delivering the baby. As he attempts to adapt to fatherhood- the first bombshell drops: the baby’s momma disappears and leaves Al holding the baby. Al helps his daughter survive life in NICU, when another bombshell drops: A DNA test reveals he is not the biological father. But try telling that to a 6 month old girl.

The grandparents swoop in and are given 30 days of temporary custody…Al, must now decide whether to fight for his “kid” or walk away.

Al, the young cocksman, comes of age in Kangaroo Time.


By pitchstory

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