SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Stand Tall! by Vincent J. Paterno

Pert casino waitress Colleen Cossitt, who dreamed of being a showgirl, instead now is literally “the biagest star in Vegas” after a laboratory mishap triples her to a towering 16-foot-1⅛. Guilt-ridden scientist and longtime customer Keswick Fletcher hides “little blonde goddess” Colleen from the world and unsuccessfully seeks to restore her to former proportions, as she feels freakish and unloved despite secret support from relatives and friends. As time goes on, she and Keswick fall in love and promise to protect each other.

Tracked down by the casino’s eccentric owner and given a million-dollar contract as a showroom headliner with Keswick as her manager, Colleen survives a shaky start (“I’m here to entertain people, not attack them,” she apologizes at a press conference). She soon becomes a Sin City icon, a gentle giant beloved by young and old whose shows are sellouts. But when three mutual rivals of theirs — a blackmailing mobster, her abusive ex and a haughty former showgirl — kidnap the scientist after the couple has a falling-out, a lonely Colleen vows to rescue “my little Keswick,” the man she’s come to love.

“Stand Tall!” takes the long-popular concept of the “giant woman” movie and gives it a good-natured romantic comedy spin. Colleen looks out for the little guy –“I once was one myself,” she notes — and is someone easy to root for. It’s a story that answers the question, “When it comes to love, why settle for normal?”

By pitchstory

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