Feature Script: JUST GOT LUCKY, by Mireya Lopez

Andrea, a young woman dealing with constant miss treatment by her work boss and living through the COVID-19 situation, now has to try and return to normality after being quarantined for months. As quarantine is no longer mandatory, places start to reopen. Andrea struggles on the first day of reopening, as depression and anxiety have been slowly taking over her. Not being financially stable, has been forcing her to continue with her terrible work situation.

As she finally is able to see her best friend Miranda, the concern of not being able to get close to each other due to virus concerns, does not help with things trying to go back to normal. On Andrea’s first jog to the park, she finds a dollar bill on the floor as she waits for Miranda to arrive. Miranda sees Andrea’s concern over having to finally see her boss on Monday, as she has to return to the office. Miranda tries to cheer her up by having a gathering at her home, so they decide to stop at a grocery store. Andrea, spontaneously, buys a lottery ticket with the dollar she found.

Andrea’s anxiety gets worse as she constantly has to deal with aggressive calls from her boss. At the gathering, Miranda invites her co-worker Roger, a major New York Yankees fan. Roger and Andrea become interested in each other and he invites her to his friends gathering the next day. Even though depression and anxiety continue to control Andrea even more, Miranda makes her attend. Roger tries to get Andrea to comfortably open up to him, but her constant worry about having to return to work on Monday keep her distracted. He eventually, accidentally, keeps her lottery ticket when showing it to him. As she’s still distracted, she leaves without Roger knowing.

Monday arrives, and Andrea has to return to the office. With major anxiety, she gets ready. Suddenly, she hears the winning numbers of the lottery on TV and realizes those are hers. When telling Miranda, she remembers that Roger kept the ticket. Having no luck in contacting him, she recalls him mentioning his departure to Mexico for vacation on Monday. Wanting to help her, Miranda finds out his flight does not leave until three PM, so they set out to find him. Arriving to his apartment, they realize he’s not there and a friendly old man, Felipe, tells them he left to his grandmother’s home. Felipe joins them on the mission to find Roger, but the Coronavirus situation does not make it easy for them to access certain places.

As the search is taking long, Andrea’s emotional state worsens and starts pushing Miranda away. She blames Miranda for losing the ticket. Andrea believes her possibility of being happy and finding a job is gone as she does not have the lottery ticket. Felipe tries to help her understand what truly matters. Andrea learns about what Felipe went through recently with his wife passing away due to the virus and how Roger has been supporting him. She realizes how important Miranda is in her life and how much she has learned about Roger on her adventure to find him. Leaving to find Miranda, she surprisingly finds Roger outside of his apartment. She explains what happened, and he gives her the ticket. As he is about to leave to the airport, she realizes she cannot let him leave. Andrea finally listens to herself and becomes aware of how blessed she is, even during tough times, to have special people like Miranda, Felipe and Roger.

Writer Biography – Mireya Lopez

Mireya Lopez is a very curious, adventurous, and determined young woman. She is from Chicago, IL and spends her time trying to find different ways to show and work on her creativity. She is an actress, writer, and a short film maker.

Favorite Quote
“Don’t miss out on something awesome, just because it’s hard.” -Mireya Lopez

Writer Statement

It’s cool to be able to relate to something, but what’s awesome, is being able to learn from it. As human beings, we are constantly changing based on our experiences. Just Got Lucky is a story that can serve to humanity as a resource that people are able to relate and learn from in a variety of ways. It’s written with the goal of inspiring others and helping those in need.

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