Feature Script: The Last Scientist, by Ian Tripp

Mid 24th century ushers in a new dark age in the wake of a collapsed utopia. The last survivor, a scientist, suffers from amnesia and hostile barbarians while trying to recover his memories and skills to restart civilization.

Writer Biography – Ian Tripp

Born and raised in Oakland, California, my writing is inspired by a need to process and work through the turbulence of my childhood, the chaos of the city I grew up in, and process the anxieties I feel about the dubious future of the human race. My writing serves me like a catharsis more than anything else, which I attempt to make entertaining and palatable to readers. I attended college in Oakland and Berkeley in the Peralta Community College District but I am primarily self-educated. I have spent the last 3+ years reading dozens and dozens of books on writing: everything from the Hero with a Thousand Faces to the Chicago Manual of Style, and much more. My determination is paying off; despite not having an English degree I have become a competent writer by my passion and sheer determination. Bloody Flowers was a quarter-finalist in the Low Light Pictures contest 2018, and a semi-finalist in the 100 Screenplays film festival 2019. I have also received high praise from Richard Walter, who said Bloody Flowers was entertaining, fun, and unique. I have 2 self-published novels on Amazon as well. I love writing, it has helped me out as a cathartic process to deal with life; if I can make a living out of it, all the better.

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