Short Script: KITCHEN, by Vasil Mihail


2cabcbd7cc posterThis is the life story of a man raised in an Christian orphanage. Despite his religion, since an early age he is involved in crime and is collecting enough money to buy a little house near a city where the abandoned kitchen hides memories from the previous owners. Photographs on the wall reminding us of times and political system that are already gone, similar to how Thomas left behind the Christian way of life. The young Thomas lives a lonely life and after pursuing with criminal activities gets trapped in a web of organized crime involving the mafia and corrupted police. He is forced to change his identity.

Twenty years later, it seems that he managed to take the right path. Now he is working on digital financial markets, going to work and wearing suits. He meets a nice girl online who eventually gets pregnant and they marry. They have three children and even though it is not easy to cope, they live happy life until one Christmas night. On that particular night, his wife discovers his dark secret: he lives a double life, one with his family and another with unlawful behavior. She is disappointed. Shocked from this confrontation Thomas leaves the house in a rush and later when he is back: his family are gone. There are few versions we can assume of what happened, but the truth is never revealed within the film. Thomas is broken and changing his identity once again.

We move forty years forward when Thomas is eighty years old. He is now running documents forgery workshop and is rich, but lonely. It seems that his only friend is a physiotherapist masseuse android. Through a private investigators he found his children and is secretly collecting photographs of them and their descendants, but never told them he is well and alive. A photograph fills the last empty frame on the wall. The age have changed Thomas. He is now wiser and softer. Even though we sympathize with his loss, it is obvious that it was his decision not to reunite his family.
He will confess and give all of his wealth to the masseuse android hoping to invest in a good deeds. The android will sell everything in order to buy its freedom. The house is on sale again. It will be demolished and replaced by psychiatric clinic.

There is a parallel story following the main character narrative we just read. That is the story of the kitchen and the other objects, which are acting equally with the protagonist/antagonist. Precisely, the whole story about Thomas is visually told through the objects where the kitchen is the focus. We will never see the faces of the characters. We hear the dialogue and see their bodies only, other is objects.
The kitchen is adopting its owner life. Changing through time. Reflecting and emanating life.
The powerful diegetic abilities of the objects, even in a very limited space of the kitchen and surrounding space, will enable the compression of real time in favor of the cinematic time enabling us to tell long story in short. Impressive and tense visual spectacle is following.

By pitchstory

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