Short Script: Mildly Different, by Anna Czarska

Af97b387d1 posterLogline:

A young woman on the autism spectrum struggles with all around her until the kindness of one person changes her life.

Brief Synopsis:

Christina is on the autism spectrum but is misdiagnosed as a child and grew up without the support she desperately needed. She struggles mildly with daily social interactions and this has impacted her severely, causing her to lose friends as well as family, and impacts her confidence emotionally and professionally. Christina sees the world differently than others and we get to peek inside of her experience for brief moments throughout he interactions. She meets a woman at work who becomes a friend and with this person’s understanding and acceptance, Christina is able to foster the self-confidence that she needed to move forward and go for the opportunities she was too insecure to apply for before.

Sponsored by the Independent Film Project (IFP):

* Top 30 of 1300 in Bumble’s Female Film Force
* Finalist in FM 104’s/Talent Nation’s 10k Competition
* Finalist in 13th annual Waterford International Film Festival

Writer Biography – Anna Czarska

E76f0d5407 headshot

Anna has been involved with the film industry on and off throughout her life. She has a background in business and produces, directs, writes, and manages projects that exemplify her interest in unconventional cinema, often regarding topics involving mental health or societal matters that require greater public awareness. Anna especially likes to challenge the everyday thinker to try something new, something different; this is at the heart of where her enthusiasm lies.

Recently, Anna’s production pitch for her short film “Mildly Different”, in which she was the writer and director, recently got to the top 30 in Bumble’s Female Film Force Competition which spanned 5 countries and had 1,300 applicants.

Writer Statement

It is my goal to be able to make others feel what I feel when I watch great film. In order to truly be able to provide this, I believe we must understand all aspects of filmmaking. For instance, a good director knows what their team is going through in production, from gaffer to DOP to actor – we are all of us essential to the final form of a shared vision.

Particularly interested in eccentric cinema, my style is to tell a story that hasn’t been told before, in a way that immerses the viewer in a new world. Playing with colour tones, sounds, and shadows and light both during and post-production can greatly aid in providing a new experience for the viewer. Filmmaking isn’t simply shooting a film, it is an art form.

NOTE: Also, we are currently looking for funding for this project (it has not been optioned etc by anyone). See here:

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