TV SHOW: GHENNA, by Wade Kendall

Television (One-hour)
63 Pages
From the earliest cultures to the present another hominid species has lived amongst us. We are unaware of them, but they definitely aware of us. And both worlds are approaching the End.

This is a pilot for a series based on the LARP from the late Eighties- Vampire: The Masquerade. One attempt to serialize the story was Kindred The Embraced, and did it poorly. Focused to much on the human element, which is not what the story was all about. The Masquerade, Camarilla, Caitiff and the different clans. This story begins with a Caitiff; the whole story will fill in the blanks about his life. There are several characters, but only four major, I believe, in the Pilot. The whole story will take time and actually is story driven (as in Europe) rather than SFX. SFX will be necessary, but in small quantity. Fits well with the state of the world today.

By pitchstory

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