SCRIPT TRAILER: Pay Your Bill, by Annie Bio

TV Show series by Annie Bio

The series is called PAY YOUR BILL. It’s a single camera, half-hour WORKPLACE COMEDY that takes place at a collection agency where hopes and dreams go to die!

It’s CHAOS, TORTURE, AND HELL… And that’s on a good day!
This story is Annie’s Journey.

Annie breaks up with her boyfriend and loses everything Including the apartment, her job, and her cat! She is forced to go back home and live with her Mother. Jobless, bills piling up, phone calls begin from a collection agency. The calls are relentless

Annie avoids the calls. Her Mother nags her to get a job as a collection agency keeps hounding her for money she owes. After a complete nervous breakdown, Annie decides to go to the collection agency to confront them about her outstanding debt. This debt was incurred by her ex who made unessential purchases on her card. She trusted him with the card

As she gets to the agency, she is confronted by THE EMPEROR who is relentless, persistent, and demanding. He is the manager of Sloth Collections. He thinks she is there for the job, but Annie is there to talk about her outstanding debt. The Emperor greets Annie and takes her through the call center floor. Annie thinking she is going to win in this situation ends up working alongside the very debt collectors she attempted to confront!
Annie wants to escape, but then she thinks about how lousy her home life is living back with her overbearing mother, Mama, and her boyfriend Vlad the veal man (the Butcher) who comes to see Mama with his “special” cuts of meat.

Annie decides that working at this collection agency is better than staying at home. She stays at the job and is introduced to these zany characters. In essence, these characters are what save Annie to get her life back.

Logline: Long hours, an arrogant boss, debt, and an overbearing mother, Annie gets placed at the helm of it all and finds herself working alongside the very debt collectors she tries to confront herself!

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