Feature Script: TRUE NORTH, by Richard Guimond

TRUE NORTH (based on my novel)

Set amid the dangerous deep-sea lobster trade—two brothers are torn apart by sibling rivalry, and ultimately battling a Canadian Fishing Company and each other—to the brink of a watery grave for the love of a beautiful girl from Chapel Cove, Nova Scotia.

Feature Script: Absolute Discretion, by Grant Eustace

In the quiet English countryside of 1873, an enigmatic university student arrives at Langston Park House ostensibly to research the family history of a noble line – and becomes the catalyst for a chain of events in which mysteries are solved, secrets uncovered, and several people led to their deaths.

Genre: Historical Mystery

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: CRAWFISH, by Alison M. Wilkom

Title of Story: CRAWFISH

Written by: Alison M. Wilkom

Logline: In Leavenworth prison a career soldier recalls the atrocities he committed, the family he left behind and upon his release fights in the First World War setting him on a collision course with his bloody past

Genre: War Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay, Mini Series Script


Title: Starlight Brigade

Medium: TV

Logline: A young alien discovers that the spaceships his father refuels are actually fallen stars that take whatever form their pilots desire, and he must join those pilots on a mission to save all the starlight from being absorbed into a huge prism.

Genre: Action-Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi

Link to “Galaxy Gas” sizzle reel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns8WSRfRH3w

Link to “Starlight Brigade” music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9Q3i5w6-Ug&list=RDJ9Q3i5w6-Ug&start_radio=1

“Open Vault Productions” (creators of “Galaxy Gas”) Team Members:

Kirk Wise

Craig Peck

Art Director:
Brian McEntee

Tab Murphy

Character Designers:
Joe Moshier
Shane Prigmore

Background Illustrators:
Ed Ghertner
Cristy Maltese
Sunny Apinchapong

Ruben Aquino
Bruce Smith
Nik Ranieri

Sound Design & Mixing:
Odin Benitez

“Knights of the Light Table” (creators of Starlight Brigade) Team Members:

Patrick Stannard

India Swift

Art Director:
Michael Doig

Story Artists:
Elle Power
India Swift

Character/Ship Designs:
Elle Power
India Swift

Background Illustration:
Michael Doig
Renee Violet

Lead Animator:
Elle Power

India Swift

Lead Effects Animator:

Effects Animators:
David Liu
Thomas Poole

Lead Clean Up & Lighting:
David Liu

Clean Up & Lighting:
Elle Power
India Swift

Michael Doig

Feature Script: SKYE, by Vincent Snavely

Title: Skye
Written By Vincent Snavely

Genre: Fantasy

Type: Feature Screenplay

A young teenage woman in 1890 Eyre, Scotland wants to become a Soldier, a Warrior and a Ruler in her Kingdom. Skye is her name and she finds and rescues a baby dragon, becomes estranged with her sister and learns how to be a fighter. She has to help her family overcome the threat of a rival family when her Sister falls in love with one of the enemies.

Feature Script: RIGGED, by Alan J. Field

Title of Story: Rigged

Written by: Alan J. Field

Logline: While working in a locked down safe house to prevent a horrific attack by a domestic terrorist group, a hardened FBI interrogator recovering from a head injury struggles with her unreliable fractured memories, until she discovers that it’s her manipulative colleagues, and not her memories, that are unreliable.

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Type: Feature

Feature Script: Getting What She Wants, by: S. Allyx Kronenberg

A young woman desperate for money takes a job at a canvassing group trying to close down a polluting nuclear waste dump site. She falls in love with the young assistant male director, gets in trouble with a scamming canvasser and with the spoiled, jealous female director who tries to fire her. The young woman becomes stronger when she sees her true mission may be more than falling in love.

Genre: comedy-drama
Feature screenplay
WGA registration # 1922884


Television (One-hour)
45 Pages
When a brilliant woman realizes that the whole world has changed on the eve of executing the first manned test of time travel. staying alive is the least of her problems.

TV SHOW: GHENNA, by Wade Kendall

Television (One-hour)
63 Pages
From the earliest cultures to the present another hominid species has lived amongst us. We are unaware of them, but they definitely aware of us. And both worlds are approaching the End.

This is a pilot for a series based on the LARP from the late Eighties- Vampire: The Masquerade. One attempt to serialize the story was Kindred The Embraced, and did it poorly. Focused to much on the human element, which is not what the story was all about. The Masquerade, Camarilla, Caitiff and the different clans. This story begins with a Caitiff; the whole story will fill in the blanks about his life. There are several characters, but only four major, I believe, in the Pilot. The whole story will take time and actually is story driven (as in Europe) rather than SFX. SFX will be necessary, but in small quantity. Fits well with the state of the world today.