TV Festival: Great…Until It Wasn’t, by Goldyn P. Smith

Centered in the Atlanta Entertainment Industry, four executive women navigate high stakes in career, friendship, love and mental health. Secrets begin to threaten their friendship and lives forever. Will their friendship survive?


Writer Biography – Goldyn P. Smith

Ed222b31d3 headshot

I’m Goldyn P. Smith, an Atlanta native creative. I’ve just written a pilot set in the Atlanta Entertainment Industry. I’ve written an additional 2 episodes & writing the third. Show bible created, ready for pre production. For the last 10 years, I’ve been in the entertainment and publishing industries. I also used to work as a paralegal for many years.

Writer Statement

The four major characters are based on experiences and encounters I’ve had with women in the industry here in Atlanta. Some experiences are my own as well.

It’s important to me for women to have something timely to represent them that is relatable, thought provoking and entertaining. All of our stories do not have to require women to “suffer for love”, to be traumatized for acceptance. Women, especially black women are not a monolith. While we do experience pain, disappointment, trauma and mental health issues – we also experience success, love, wealth, great family dynamics, and joy. This project spotlights highs and lows of complex women who deserve to see themselves in film and television projects just the same as anyone else.

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