SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Altered Enemy, by Dennis Paul

Voice Over by Steve Rizzo


A story about professional indignation and inspired collusion.

Written by Dennis Paul

FBI Agent Jaclyn Brown is on administrative leave, following
allegations of misconduct. So when Chelsea, wife of internet
billionaire, Lance Schaefer, is kidnapped by mercenaries, arranged by
his indignant rival, they assign the case to her partner, Agent Todd

The FBI must rescue the hostage within the kidnapper’s deadline, to
prevent Chelsea’s murder. In a move to protect the businessman, Todd
changes place with Lance Schaefer to deliver Cartier Diamonds, agreed
to as part of the ransom demands. But in an unsuspected turn, Agent
Todd is murdered by the kidnappers, in a barbarous deception to kill
Lance Schaefer.

Jaclyn, devastated by this loss, is left hurt and feeling vengeful. To
her surprise, she is covertly contacted by defected member of the gang
Speed, who suggests they join forces to defeat the criminals. Although
dubious, Jaclyn uses Speed’s inside information, and her instincts, to
confront the mercenaries before Chelsea dies from drowning.

By pitchstory

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