SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Behind The Jersey, by Ashley Jackson

TV Series
Ashley Jackson

SYNOPSIS: Johanna, Tori, Journee, and Nyemah are four beautiful women in their mid to late twenties and early thirties, who are living the lavish life of being with a professional athlete in the city of Los Angeles.

Best friends Tori and Johanna occasionally bump heads with other best friends Journee and Nyemah. Journee tries to keep a hidden secret from rival Tori, while Nyemah does whatever it takes to become a well-known fashion designer. Tori keeps her distance from her husband when it comes to having children, and Johanna works to stay on her game by keeping her love life spicy so her husband won’t slip cheating again.

The truth about being an athlete’s wife, girlfriend and fiancee get real when it’s not all about the glitz and glamour. Can these ladies survive this lifestyle or will their lies, betrayal, deceit, and affairs haunt them and have them lose it all for good!?

By pitchstory

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