SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Bystander’s Apathy, by Jacob Swann

Title: Bystander’s Apathy
Author: Jacob Swann
Type: Feature

Ruben, big, burly, jolly, African-American, mid 20s, has such a great outlook on life but society doesn’t reciprocate his positive attitude back on him. In his universe, Ruben is magnetically paired with a series of ill-fated trials. When kind and gentle people see Ruben, they don’t see someone deserving of their compassion. He’s overlooked and undervalued until one day he finds hope in humanity where hope appeared to be lost.

Faced with many of life’s woes all at once, Ruben experiences an unforgettable day of ups and downs. He has a job interview that could change the trajectory of his life but getting to the interview proves to be an impossible feat. His larger than life daughter tags along and provides levity to a tumultuous day. What he discovers by the end will change the fate of his life forever.

By pitchstory

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