Feature Script Logline: The Airtists: To air is human, to fret…divine, by C.M. McClung


Bc8504fe32 posterLogline:
A nail-biting narcissist dreams of fingering his way to the top of the invisible air guitar mountain and suck its rarified air with the peak performers of his time. But he soon finds out climbing to the top requires more than a Sherpa’s spirit and a good set of strings.

Writer Biography – C.M. McClung

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I always felt I was meant for something great. After three novels and two books of poetry that no one read, I realize that “something” was failure.
One poem was featured on the Prairie Home Companion website and an essay published by Spruce Mountain press for a Vermont anthology on Past Love – so maybe I’m an average failure.

I wrote my first book in fifth grade for a contest at the library. My story was featured in the local paper. The book was about football and it had vignettes like “Don’t try to paint a Newhouse white.” Robert Newhouse was a black football player. I was ten. Who knew racism could be so adorable?

I wrote and produced an award winning radio show on KSUA in Alaska (“Monkey at the Switch”). I have written several sketches for the improv group “Socially Irresponsible”. I have written untold amounts of nasty emails.

I have written and performed comedy and recently written and produced a comedy album. In 2005 I won the Burlington Air Guitar Championships. “The Airtists: To air is human, to fret…divine,” is my first screenplay.

Writer Statement

I truly believe if we could be completely honest with ourselves and others, there would be no need for comedy. However that world too would be a tragedy.

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