TV SHOW Logline: AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE?, by Kandis Heckler


53107e1844 posterWhen a group of Homeless line up for social services, they get touched by a staff of angels with their own dysfunction to contend with.

Writer Biography – Kandis Heckler

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Kandis Heckler is the Chief Executive Officer of Agape Productions Inc. where she serves as Executive Producer/ Creator/ Writer of various projects. She is the published author of Women of the Corinthian Cafe which is in development for the stage and the screen. Cast the First Stone which is currently being adapted for the screen and the Continental Divide: Racing Towards Reconciliation curriculum. She is a national speaker on the topic of racial reconciling cross culturally and disability. She lives in the Greater Chicago area and enjoys spending time with her grand children, International travel, photography, fine dining and golf.

Her short film, Unto the Least of These was an official selection of the New York Film Festival, it won the Merit Award at the Indie Fest and was Honorable Mention at the Bayou Film Festival in Texas.

She is a stand up comedian in the Greater Chicago area and is featured at Zanies, Laugh Out Loud and the Comedy Shrine and a host of corporate, educational, religious and non profit events.

Writer Statement

A visual story is a powerful tool for personal transformation and as a writer I am a photographer who captures the human experience with my words. I write from the lens of marginalization. I see the inequities in life and try to convey those in words to assist those who are interpreting it on the screen to enlighten the world. I write as a ministry calling knowing that media in all forms is the most powerful element for change. It matters greatly that my characters are well formed and lack stereotypical attributes. When they speak I want a farmer in Idaho to say that is how I feel about a subject. I also want a prince in Dubai to think I’ve captured his sentiment. I’ve invested thousands of hours into writing because it gives me great joy to imagine. When I write I try to portray a character who in all of their imperfections has a triumphant side to their humanity. Creativity of the mind is a wonderful gift from the Lord and I have promised Him that I will be a good steward of it.

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