Feature Script Logline: PREACHING LIES, by Denora M. Boone

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A dope dealing pastor tries to keep up the façade of a righteous life when secrets from his past show up and threatens to bring down his holy house of cards with his unsuspecting daughter caught in the crossfires.

Writer Biography – Denora M. Boone
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Denora M. Boone is the CEO of Anointed Inspirations Publishing, LLC as well as the author of over 20 independent Christian Fiction bestsellers. Mrs. Boone grew up in Milledgeville, Ga and began penning stories for fun during her middle and high school years. After a traumatic experience in her life, God led her to write about it in her first series “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes” which hit #1 on it’s release day. From then on it has been nothing but successful novels after the next.

Not only does she love being an author that brings God’s word to the world but she is also blessed to be able to help other believers under AIP share their messages as well. Denora resides with her husband Byron of almost seventeen years and their four children. She looks to one day open a group home for young girls as well as bring all of her books to the big screen and television.

Denora is the recipient of the 2015 AAMBC Literary Award for Christian Fiction Author of the Year and nominated for the same award for both 2016 and 2017. She also holds the 2017 MBP Award for Christian Fiction Author of the year.

You can look forward to meeting and greeting Denora during Essence Fest 2018 and keep up to date with all releases and appearances.
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Writer Statement

I like to write relatable books that inspire and cause people to want a closer relationship with God. It’s real, raw, and sometimes a little ratchet but that’s life. My writings will get you saved and lit!

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Short Script Logline: THE DOG BOX, by Maya Adam


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When she gets turned away from a purebred-only talent showcase, a young mutt must prove herself in order to earn her place in the spotlight. In a world where every human has a canine alter ego, Misty teaches everyone what real stars are made of.

Writer Biography – Maya Adam
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Maya Adam is Director of Health Media Innovation and a faculty member in the Pediatrics Dept. of Stanford Medicine. Before studying medicine, she spent 10 years as a professional ballet dancer.

Writer Statement

In order to grow and change our minds forever, something has to shift inside our hearts first. Great entertainment touches the heart before it changes the mind.


Feature Script Logline: HellSlayer: Devil’s Play, by Joshua C. Alomar

0bd6d73066 posterA possessed witch preys on a runaway teenager walking through her woods. She thinks he’s an easy catch, but little does she know he has a destructive power unlike anything she’s ever encountered before. Only one thing’s for sure – This will be a HELL of a fight!

Writer Biography – Joshua C. Alomar

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Joshua started his career in the film industry as the bestfriend of a full sail film student, Eddie Marrero. Having only been a serial entrepreneur for the last decade he was inspired to start a film company with his bestfriend and Epic Mars Media was born. After two years and delay after delay from launching their first short film, he started his own film studio, Secret Film Studios, where he could launch his creatively crazy films without any restrictions. Now he’s back with a full feature horror film: Hellslayer: Devil’s Play which he’s all in on finding production investment for to launch as a first time director. Only time will tell if he will succeed. He’s been a screenwriter for the last 3 years.


Feature Screenplay (Comedy)

2020 Flight Deck Festival’s Best Feature Screenplay and Award Winning “McLUCKY’S ST. PADDY’S DAY BAR CRAWL”

Connor (McLucky) (42) wishes to rekindle an old flame and redeem himself with some old friends while hosting a traditional St. Paddy’s Day Bar Crawl Competition. Of recent, Connor has struggled and has been haunted by some questionable life choices he has made in the past but hopes he has matured enough to win back his one true love, TIFFANY (35). During the competition Connor’s friends; QUINCY (60) struggles with marital woes, ANGELO (30) looks for an out from working with his father DEMETRIS (65), and MARCY (51) and DARBY (41) find themselves competing for the ultimate bar crawl crown as they fend off rivals and previous champions KIP (25) and PATRICK (22). As Connor searches for redemption and lost love, he is challenged by the loss of his close and dear friend EDDY (47). Also, one of Connor’s best friends LIAM (43) competes for attention as a competing St. Paddy’s Day host who continues to take the spotlight from Connor’s yearly tradition and persona. During, Connor and Tiffany have enough issues they need to work through from their previous relationship. And adding AVRIL (36) an Irish step dancer from Ireland who Connor spent a one-night stand after year’s previous bar crawl, becomes a climatic rival that adds to the mix. Can Connor redeem himself with old friends? Will husband and wife, father and son make amends? Who will win the ultimate bar crawl crown? And most importantly, can Connor not only resist temptation but reconcile with Tiffany before it’s too late?

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: All That Glitters, by Mike Meier


All That Glitters is a legal thriller. It tells the story of Joshua Becker, who immigrates from Germany to Las Vegas with his wife to start a small tour company catering to German-speaking tourists. He’s lured away from the business when he meets the celebrity entertainers Werner and Wolf, who offer him a lucrative job. It looks easy enough at first. Then Joshua finds rampant sexual harassment. Then he finds crime. He decides to fight back with the legal system, but the system lets him down. Finally, Joshua takes matters into his own hands.

ALL THAT GLITTERS is a story of broken dreams. America may be the land of opportunity, but for those don’t know how to work the system, it can be the land of corruption, exploitation, and financial disaster.

TV SHOW Logline: AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE?, by Kandis Heckler


53107e1844 posterWhen a group of Homeless line up for social services, they get touched by a staff of angels with their own dysfunction to contend with.

Writer Biography – Kandis Heckler

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Kandis Heckler is the Chief Executive Officer of Agape Productions Inc. where she serves as Executive Producer/ Creator/ Writer of various projects. She is the published author of Women of the Corinthian Cafe which is in development for the stage and the screen. Cast the First Stone which is currently being adapted for the screen and the Continental Divide: Racing Towards Reconciliation curriculum. She is a national speaker on the topic of racial reconciling cross culturally and disability. She lives in the Greater Chicago area and enjoys spending time with her grand children, International travel, photography, fine dining and golf.

Her short film, Unto the Least of These was an official selection of the New York Film Festival, it won the Merit Award at the Indie Fest and was Honorable Mention at the Bayou Film Festival in Texas.

She is a stand up comedian in the Greater Chicago area and is featured at Zanies, Laugh Out Loud and the Comedy Shrine and a host of corporate, educational, religious and non profit events.

Writer Statement

A visual story is a powerful tool for personal transformation and as a writer I am a photographer who captures the human experience with my words. I write from the lens of marginalization. I see the inequities in life and try to convey those in words to assist those who are interpreting it on the screen to enlighten the world. I write as a ministry calling knowing that media in all forms is the most powerful element for change. It matters greatly that my characters are well formed and lack stereotypical attributes. When they speak I want a farmer in Idaho to say that is how I feel about a subject. I also want a prince in Dubai to think I’ve captured his sentiment. I’ve invested thousands of hours into writing because it gives me great joy to imagine. When I write I try to portray a character who in all of their imperfections has a triumphant side to their humanity. Creativity of the mind is a wonderful gift from the Lord and I have promised Him that I will be a good steward of it.

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E74018ed4f posterThe special unit PSA is sent to Mazar-i-Sharif to secure the consul general and there they gets into a life-threatening backyard.


Writer Biography – Malte Füllgrabe

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Malte Füllgrabe (born 1985, Germany), is a filmmaker and producer in Hamburg. He studied media sciences and art science at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig. After graduating in 2012, he became a Filmmaker and Producer, strongly influenced by Alfred Hitchock and François Truffaut. Since 2005 he has made over twenty short films and documentaries. His works that have been shown in cinemas, art galleries and on television and nominated and awarded at many film festivals.
Malte Füllgrabe lives and works in Hamburg (Germany).

Writer Statement

Everyone knows pictures from Afghanistan. When I type “Afghanistan” into Google, the first images I see are mainly war, destruction and military. So why I want to make a story about Afghanistan. Because two newspaper articles touched me in a special way, which shows individual fates and not generalities. I came across the first article in Spiegel 2016: André Bodemann had certainly imagined his first day at work differently. On Thursday morning at Camp Marmal in Masar-i-Scharif in northern Afghanistan, the brigadier general was appointed the new regional commander of the NATO training mission “Resolute Support”. There was a celebration in the field camp. Even a few guests from Germany had arrived. A reporter asked what the Bundeswehr officer hoped for from his post. “I must first see what I can expect here”, said Bodemann cautiously, and less than ten hours later he got an impression of how dangerous Afghanistan is. An emergency call was received from the German Consulate General in the city shortly after 11pm local time: Taliban fighters had blown up the high outer wall with a small truck. The detonation was so violent that windows burst within a radius of kilometres. A group of radical Islamists penetrated the area and fired on them. Most of the consulate staff barricaded themselves in the panic room, others locked themselves in the basement. I found the second article when I looked more closely at the PSA-Personal Protection Abroad of the Federal Police and read the following article about the death of this bodyguard. Keller is a reluctant officer. The fan of the American police series Miami Vice sees himself in the role of the discreet, smart bodyguard. During the phone calls with Mario, Verena Häcker increasingly feels that her boyfriend feels out of place in Kabul. He tells her that he often sits alone in his room in the evening and reads. He gets on well with his colleagues, but he is not used to living together with five other men in a strictly guarded house for months.
In Kabul, Gumpert and his colleague immediately turn around during a drive. Then they see the other man’s completely demolished car. An explosion has hurled it 50 metres, it lies on the passenger’s side with its underbody smashed through and the bonnet torn open. The car hit a remote detonator that went off right under Mario Keller’s driver’s seat. Both articles suddenly gave the country of Afghanistan a completely different face. It was no longer about war, terror and destruction, but about a brigadier general and a bodyguard. And both suddenly had a face.

Jeder kennt Bilder aus Afghanistan. Wenn ich bei Google „Afghanistan“ eingebe, kommt bei den ersten Bildern vor allem Krieg, Zerstörung und Militär vor. Warum ich also eine Geschichte aus Afghanistan machen möchte. Weil mich zwei Zeitungsartikel besonders berührt haben, die individuelle Schicksale zeigt und keine Allgemeinplätze. Ich stieß auf den ersten Artikel im Spiegel 2016: Seinen ersten Arbeitstag hatte sich André Bodemann sicher anders vorgestellt. AmDonnerstagmorgen wurde der Brigadegeneral im Camp Marmal im nordafghanischen Masar-i-Scharif zum neuen Regionalkommandeur der Nato-Trainingsmission “Resolute Support” ernannt. Im Feldlager gab es eine Feier. Sogar ein paar Gäste aus Deutschland waren angereist. Ein Reporter fragte, was sich der Bundeswehroffizier von seinem Posten erhoffe. “Ich muss erst mal sehen, was mich hier erwartet”, sagte Bodemann zurückhaltend.Keine zehn Stunden später bekam er einen Eindruck, wie gefährlich Afghanistanist. Aus dem deutschen Generalkonsulat in der Stadt ging kurz nach 23 Uhr Ortszeit ein Notruf ein: Mit einem Kleinlaster hattenTaliban-Kämpfer die hohe Außenmauer gesprengt. Die Detonation war so heftig, dass noch im Umkreis von Kilometern Scheiben zerbarsten. Eine Gruppe der Radikalislamisten drang auf das Gelände vor und schoss um sich. Die meisten Mitarbeiter des Konsulats verschanzten sich im Panikraum, andere schlossen sich im Keller ein. Den zweiten Artikel fand ich, als ich mich intensiver mit der PSA-Personenschutz Ausland der Bundespolizei auseinandersetzte und den folgenden Artikel über denTod dieses Personenschützers las. Keller ist ein zurückhaltender Beamter. Der Fan der amerikanischen PolizistenserieMiami Vice sieht sich in der Rolle des diskreten, smarten Leibwächters. Während der Telefonate mit Mario hat Verena Häcker immer öfter das Gefühl, dass sich ihr Freund in Kabul fehl am Platz fühlt. Er erzählt ihr, dass er abends oft allein in seinem Zimmer sitzt und liest. Er versteht sich zwar gut mit den Kollegen, aber das monatelange Zusammenleben mit fünf anderen Männern in einem streng bewachten Haus ist er nicht gewohnt.
In Kabul drehen Gumpert und sein Kollege während einer Ausfahrt sofort um. Dann sehen sie das vollkommen demolierte Auto der anderen. Eine Explosion hat es 50 Meter weit geschleudert, es liegt mit durchschlagenem Unterboden und aufgerissener Motorhaube auf der Beifahrerseite. Der Wagen ist auf einen ferngezündeten Sprengsatz gefahren, der direkt unter dem Fahrersitz von Mario Keller hochging. Beide Artikel gaben dem Land Afghanistan plötzlich ein ganz anderes Gesicht. Es ging nicht mehr um Krieg, Terror und Zerstörung, sondern es ging um einen Brigadegeneral und einen Personenschützer. Und beide hatten plötzlich ein Gesicht.

TV SHOW Logline: SELFIE #VOODOOCHALLENGE, by Antwand A Pearman

F5f5df5e17 posterAfter gaining infamy from an appearance on a daytime talk show an out of control teenage participates in a social media challenge where people have gone missing.

Writer Biography – Antwand A Pearman, Kerri Joseph

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Antwand Pearman was born on July 7th, 1983, in Miami, Florida, and grew up in Harlem, New York. He is an independent filmmaker, producer, and celebrity interviewer personality known for founding Gamer Fit Nation, Happy Mercs Productions LLC, and hosting “Antwand Pearman vs The Interview”. He is in 2018 he developed a sitcom titled “That Show Called Arif”.