Feature Script Logline: THE ENGAGEMENT, by Joseph Rossi

The Engagement is a dramedy about a woman named Caterina and her Italian Canadian family. The story is about self-discovery and pursuing one’s passion despite self-doubt due to feelings of guilt and family obligations.

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Short Script Logline: AURA, by Holly Hawk


A4833d76ab posterIn a dystopian, cyberpunk, not-so-distant future, one bounty hunter struggles with a bloody obligation to serve her Corporation.


Writer Biography –¬†Holly Hawk

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Holly Hawk grew up in Southeast Alaska and received a double Bachelors of Arts in English and Drama from the University of Washington. Her training is in classical theatre – Shakespeare, Greek Tragedy and World Mythos. She has been writing and directing her own plays and short films since childhood.

Writer Statement

Through the power of fantasy & sci-fi, I want to explore the mysticism of being human, and bring healing to the world. My films explore the question “Who is worthy?” – whether it be of love, of money, or even of oxygen.