BEST Scene Script Reading: Sports Med, by Steven Karageanes

A young sports doctor desperate to work for professional sports teams tries to fit into a well-known sports medicine group after their world-famous surgeon suffers a heart attack.


Narration: Allison Kampf

Jillian: Kyana Teresa

Alexander: Bill Poulin

Freddie/Sports Dude: Sean Ballantyne

DIVERSITY Festival Winning SHORT Script Reading: The Camera. by Steve Sasaki

A Japanese-American woman must get her 21-year-old son to take medications now, necessary for release from a psychiatric ward so they can move cross-country for her new job promotion, but his resistance is key to her freedom from bondage, caused by past traumas.


Narration: Allison Kampf

Jean: Kyana Teresa

Actor Frank/Hirotoshi: Steve Rizzo

Guard: Bill Poulin

Doctor: Shawn Devlin

Frank: Geoff Mays

Actor Jean/Bella: Hannah Ehman

BEST SCENE Script Reading: Woman’s Revenge, by Danil Khai Dankh

A 15 years old Ana became a sex slave to the head of a mafia gang after her father lost her in a poker game. Her life was never the same after she escapes. Now 13 years later Ana is the head of a consulting group specializes in helping women who been raped. Her intelligent appearance and her successful career is nothing but, a suit that covers her secret life.


Narration: Allison Kampf

Ana’s Father: Bill Poulin

Alexander: Steve Rizzo

Short Screenplay Reading: LINK, by Peter Tamaribuchi

Link is about a grieving teen who receives an email from the account of his girlfriend who just recently committed suicide. When he opens the email, he discovers a link to a video from someone who claims to be his girlfriend and asks him to meet her at a dangerous cliff where she’ll help him find peace.


Narration: Allison Kampf

Wes: Bill Poulin

Haley: Kyana Teresa

Gideon: Steve Rizzo

VIvian: Hannah Ehman

BEST Scene Script Reading: MCLUCKY’S ST. PADDYS DAY BAR CRAWL, by Stephen John Beyer

Connor (McLucky) wishes to rekindle an old flame and redeem himself with some old friends during a traditional St. Paddy’s Day Bar Crawl. As Connor searches for redemption and lost love, he is challenged by mischief, Irish Shenanigans, and his past.


Narration: Allison Kampf

Marcy: Kyana Teresa

Tiffany: Julie Sheppard

Darby: Hannah Ehman

Connor: Geoff Mays

Quincy: Shawn Devlin

Angelo/Old Man Walsh: Bill Poulin

Short Script: Remember Us, by Rubyll Banuelos

A college student is confronted by his past and ex-boyfriend, both of which he has forgotten due to amnesia.

Writer Biography – Rubyll Banuelos

Rubyll Banuelos is a screenwriter who started her career as a filmmaker in Los Angeles California, 2015. Before she moved to Los Angeles, she lived in Tijuana, Mexico, and studied in San Diego California crossing between borders was her daily commute. Her passion for movies led her to achieve a Film Production Bachelors degree with a focus in screenwriting and directing. She has been a part of numerous productions taken on different roles on set, her main contribution has been as a script supervisor. She is now in the process of post-production for several short films soon to be submitted to film festivals.

Writer Statement

During my college years, I read the book The Alchemist by Aristotle which led me to read more of his quotes. The quote that stayed with me the most is, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”.