Feature Film: THE MAN WITHOUT A PLAN, by Jamir Khan

Logline – An Indian immigrant Taxi driver who has nothing to look forward to in his monotonous life, accidentally lands himself in monetary trouble with a Mexican Organ Trafficking kingpin, and the only way he can survive is to pay him back a Million Dollars in 24 hours.

Synopsis – Michael (30) is an Indian immigrant taxi driver in Los Angeles who fled his country because he couldn’t pay back his late father’s financial debts. He has no goals in his life or nothing to look forward to in his routine monotonous life.
One day a beautiful woman, Rachel (26) an aspiring actor and a part-time waiter, moves into his next-door and Michael likes her. The next day Michael involves in a racial verbal altercation with a Mexican passenger which leads to a heart attack to the passenger, who later dies in a hospital. The incident leaves Michael shocked and guilty until he finds the bag which the Mexican carried with him to the taxi in which Michael finds a million dollars in Cash. Michael chooses to keep the money and takes it home where he sees Rachel depressed because of a failed audition for a big Film. Michael takes her to Vegas to cheer her up with the money he found in the bag, has a great time, and ends up sleeping with her. The next morning Michael wakes up in Vegas only to find out that Rachel left with all the money.
Michael comes back to L.A to find Rachel but gets abducted by the men of the actual owner of the money, Luca (45) a Notorious organ trafficking Kingpin who has Cops and Govt. officials in his Payroll. Luca gives Michael a day to track Rachel and bring back his money or else he’ll be killed and his heart will be used for an illegal transplant. Two of Luca’s men accompany Michael in the quest of finding Rachel but it turns out to be a dead end. So Michael ditches Luca’s men and escapes in his taxi but has no place to go. Michael has only seven thousand dollars saved up and thinks of running away from the city to save himself. On the way, he is approached by a Family of three, Howard (70), Katie (65), and their son Dustin (32) to give them a ride to Vegas as their vehicle broke down and offers to pay him thousand dollars. Michael accepts to drive them not because they offered him a thousand dollars but to steal Dustin’s briefcase in which Dustin himself claims that there is a lot of money in it.
Michael steals the briefcase while the family refreshes themselves at a gas station but gets caught to Luca’s Men again while escaping. So Michael gives the briefcase to Luca as he believes there is a lot of money in it and offers to pay the rest of the money he owes in a month. So Luca brings a man to open the briefcase as it is a combination briefcase and opens it only to find out there is no money in it but packaged food, some files, and Dustin’s Phone. Angry Luca orders his men to prepare Michael for the transplant as there is a patient who is ready to pay in millions for his heart. Michael snatches a gun from one of Luca’s men and threatens to shoot himself in the heart and escapes with Dustin’s Phone. He sees a text message in Dustin’s phone that indicates they’re in Bellagio.
Michael tracks down Dustin only to find out they are a family of Con Artists and they’ve planned to con the casino in a poker game as they have an inside man. They reveal the only reason they got Michael to drive them is that they had no money to buy chips to play poker for the con and they saw Michael had Money when he took out his stash of seven thousand dollars to pay for food in a restaurant before they approached him to drive them. Now Dustin offers Michael to be a part of the con if he agrees to give his money to buy chips for the con. Michael agrees and gives his money for the Con but Dustin loses everything in the game as their inside man tricked them over.
Fed up Michael kidnaps Dustin, brings him to Luca, and tells him to use Dustin’s heart for the transplant instead of his. Luca accepts it as Dustin is a perfect match for the patient but to their shock, a Mental Health facility van comes to Luca’s place whom Dustin had notified through a text message while he was kidnapped by Michael. The Warden of the facility reveals that Dustin, Howard, and Katie are patients of their Facility and are not related. The Warden also reveals that they bribed him to let them escape from the facility for fifty thousand dollars. Luca pays him off and threatens to kill if he talks about it and the warden agrees to it and leaves with the money. But Michael couldn’t take it and feels guilty about what he did to Dustin. So he goes back and finds Howard and Katie, derives a plan to save Dustin. Michael comes back to Luca’s Place with Howard and Katie, executes the plan, and Kills every one of them, saves Dustin, and blows up the place accidentally.

By pitchstory

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