Short Script: STRANGE FRUIT, by George Washington

Two weary Shuttle Junkers, Mark Horus & Cassie Ali, have been traveling the endless depths of space in search of salvageable debris. Exhausted and in need of food, they plan to raid one more abandoned container before they head back to their planet.

On board the container, they find nothing but a single, fully alive plant barring a suspiciously delicious looking fruit. More importantly they discover the fruit regrows at an accelerated rate after it’s picked. They bring the plant onto their tiny shuttle, and begin the voyage home.

The two have dreams about the fruit. Only this time, the dreams start to spark jealousy between them. Greed, betrayal, murder. They see each other trying to claim the fruit solely as their own. The next morning, they awake to the plant shriveled with one remaining piece of fruit hanging. They become aggressive and accusatory toward each other. The last piece of the fruit becomes off limits in case the plant dies entirely.

The days become even longer. Delusional thoughts run rapid. Their animosity grows. The hunger becomes crippling. One night, the plant speaks to Horus in his dream. It explains that it is dying and needs to be saved. An obsessed Horus will do anything for it. The plant tells him it needs the blood of Ali to grow back to form, and regrow the delicious fruit just for him. Horus agrees to do whatever it takes.

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