BEST Scene Screenplay Reading: SIMMER, by Derrick Haggerty, Owen Schwartzbard

SIMMER is a powerful, untold story that explores culinary arts from an African-American perspective. Informed largely by co-writer Derrick Haggerty’s experience as the only student of color in his class at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, this film explores the complex themes of subverting expectations in order to beat the odds and realize your passion.

Narrator: Hannah Ehman
Red Neck Guard/Mack: Shawn Devlin
Cyrus: Steve Rizzo
Fat Tony: Bill Poulin

BEST SCENE Screenplay Reading: Dead Man With A Plan, by Joel Stern

In this stand alone sequel to “The Waiting Room”, 25-year-old Bronx native Vince Maserati gets a reprieve from God and is sent from Limbo back to Earth to continue his life 42 years after he was killed in a disco fight.

Narrator: Hannah Ehman
Adam: Shawn Devlin
Vince: Steve Rizzo

SCRIPT TRAILER: Where Are The Aliens?…Closer than you think!, by Mike Meier

Where are the Aliens?…Closer than you think!
By Mike Meier

This is a science-fiction comedy about a retired college professor and the lesbian couple next door who join forces to fight an alien invasion.

What first looked like an asteroid turned out to be a large alien spaceship. It disables all electronic devices on Earth. The government is unable to act. Confusion and desperation ensue. People cannot communicate. Food is scarce. The old professor and his neighbors come up with a bold plan: travel to a nuclear missile site, detonate nuclear bombs underground, and with that hurl heavy objects at the alien spaceship and destroy it.

But the nuclear missile site is still guarded by its former commander.

By the way, while the story is meant to entertain, the underlying science is for the most part accurate, based on the 1950s “Project Thunderwell.”


1st Scene Script Reading: Just Jane, by Carl Huebner

An ambitious woman, trying to leave her past in the fetish underground behind, must escape the mobsters she’s ripped off to do so. But her fiery personality drives her to stir things up rather than lie low in the small town where she’s on the lamb.


Jane: Val Cole

Gary: Sean Ballantyne

Bill/Aaron: Allan Michael Brunet

BEST SCENE Screenplay Reading: Bob and Ray, by Michael De Sapio

Two men in 1940s post-war America strive to achieve their goal of having their own radio show and bringing their brand of comedy to their viewers.


Mrs Williams/Gail: Val Cole

Bob: Steve Rizzo

Teacher/Fitzsimmons: Sean Ballantyne

Fred/Voice of Roosevelt: Allan Michael Brunet