SCRIPT TRAILER: Where Are The Aliens?…Closer than you think!, by Mike Meier

Where are the Aliens?…Closer than you think!
By Mike Meier

This is a science-fiction comedy about a retired college professor and the lesbian couple next door who join forces to fight an alien invasion.

What first looked like an asteroid turned out to be a large alien spaceship. It disables all electronic devices on Earth. The government is unable to act. Confusion and desperation ensue. People cannot communicate. Food is scarce. The old professor and his neighbors come up with a bold plan: travel to a nuclear missile site, detonate nuclear bombs underground, and with that hurl heavy objects at the alien spaceship and destroy it.

But the nuclear missile site is still guarded by its former commander.

By the way, while the story is meant to entertain, the underlying science is for the most part accurate, based on the 1950s “Project Thunderwell.”


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