SCRIPT TRAILER: Where Were You When The Lights Went Out?, by Stephen John Beyer


In July of 1977 during the Great New York City Black Out, an aspiring actress fights to survive until the next morning as she is chased by a masked killer who jeopardizes her way to fame.

Winner of 2021’s Hollywood Blood Horror Festival’s Best Original Screenplay


On the night of July 13th aspiring actress Linda, who’s life hangs in the balance is terrorized by a Masked Killer during the Great New York City Black Out of 1977. As Linda’s future is at stake, she fights to survive
from the Pimp Emporium of Time Square to the Gang Filled Looted Streets of Manhattan.

After a long day being down on her luck; Linda misses her most recent audition results, receives an eviction notice from her landlord, and argues with close friends. Throughout the day’s chaos, Linda realizes she left her keys at work and she returns to the Pussy Cat Theatre to retrieve them. Shortly after Linda arrives at the Pussy Cat Theatre, the lights go out. In utter darkness, she escapes from the clutches of her boss Sal as Sal is murdered by a Masked Killer.

Linda runs away from Masked Killer and she hides in a sex shop nearby while many loot businesses and riot in the streets. The Masked Killer quickly finds Linda and cuts his way through sex shop and she escapes. Linda continues to run and calls for help from inside a phone booth. Masked Killer catches up to Linda, and violently shakes phone booth, breaks in, and wraps phone cord around Linda’s neck. After putting up a struggle, Linda is rescued from phone booth by an anonymous thug who distracts Killer, and she continues to run as hundreds loot and riot. While on the run, Linda stumbles into familiar foes and hides in the infamous Show World Center. She is then drugged and forced into a live sex show on the Show World Center stage but escapes while Killer cuts down participants. As Linda runs for her life, the city around her burns to rubble, hundreds of police officers square off against thousands of looters, and her loved ones disappear one after another. Now, with time running out, Linda must survive until the next morning not only to live but to see results from her long awaited Broadway audition, or everything she has worked for these many years will be for nothing.

By pitchstory

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