SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Lady Liberty: The Sherman Skolnick Story, by Nelson S. Thall

Type of Screenplay: Feature Film

Summary of Script: Story: Lady Liberty is the really true moment-by-moment non-fictionalized dramatic story of a political activist and freedom fighter aka ‘Citizen Gadfly’ Sherman Skolnick and his quest for Justice against a Corrupt Cabal of State of Illinois High Court Judges. He wins back money swindled from his parents and exposes Judicial Corruption in the High Courts during the 1960’s and ’70’s. It is a story of the little man overcoming Goliathan-sized hurdles in a Life and Death Struggle.

Plot: Skolnick becomes an ‘Amici Curiae’, (formal legal) meaning a ‘Friend of the Court’, where he uses ‘Guerrilla Law Tactics,’ and ‘Closet Work’, to Impeach and Imprison 60 Judges of the Illinois High Courts. He defines “Guerilla Law” as unorthodox but legal means of fighting Judicial Impropriety.

His Methods: Skolnick used the Legal Motion “there has been Fraud upon this Court,” before ‘Dirty Judges’ who must be disqualified from Court because of proven Bias.

Action: Skolnick goes to ‘”War” to root out Corruption rampant in the Illinois Judiciary. The stage was set for dramatic action.

Big-City Daily Newspaper Headlines Read: “HIGH COURT JUDGE LINKED TO BANK DEAL.” Chicago’s newspapers were beginning to agree with Skolnick’s linking the State’s Chief Justice’s personal finances together with the “High Court’s Decisions” in important Criminal Cases.

Judge Healy subpoenaed Skolnick into his Court and tried to force him to reveal his sources. Skolnick vowed never to reveal his sources “no matter how long they keep me in jail.” Thus Skolnick went to jail amid much favorable publicity and won the Public’s sympathy for his plight.

Immediately the State-appointed Commission sided with Skolnick, and Recommended the Removal of the Corrupt Judges and the F.B.I. used Skolnick to put many other Judges into Jail.


Time Magazine in ’69 said it was,”Skolnick’s Guerrilla War”
This is the Story of How Sherman Skolnick became The “Great American Judge-Buster”
Time Magazine wrote…
Sherman Skolnick,”..carved a full-time career as a modern-day Robin Hood for the law’s many losers.”
News of Sherman’s Triumph reached The White House.
nderdog Shocks the System! Citizen gadfly becomes public hero!
Invented “Guerrilla-Law” Tactics.
Imprisoned High Court Judges.
Cleaned-Up The Courts.
Rescued the Downtrodden.
Balanced the Scales of Justice.
Lady Liberty Is How Sherman Skolnick Became
“The Great American Judge-Buster” (The New York Times)

Raison D’Etre: We all have our own handicaps of one sort or another that we need to overcome and learn to use to our advantage. Skolnick’s methods can teach everyone how to make the best of their handicap, physical, emotional, cerebral or spiritual.

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