SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Plategate: Your Implanted Forehead, by Lorraine Holmes Milton

Type of Screenplay: TV Pilot

Website and Social Media:
Facebook: Plategate and lomilt
Twitter: @lomilt
Instagram: LadyLomilt
Linkedin: lomilt

Summary of script:

That headache or high blood pressure is probably that microchip SIDE EFFECT!

Plategate: Obstruction of Injustice, book series (1,2,3,4) – FEDS implanted “Wiretap” GPS Microchip PLATE into Americans Forehead. The books were written to give the people information about the FEDS atrocious, deplorable, and despicable tactics. Lonely the truth, innocent unknowing people can seek medical treatment to many diseases that are side effects of the MICROCHIP PLATE. It has been implanted, especially Black people, fir approximately one – hundred years – yes, Harriet Tubman , Dr. Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks had the plate.

When I noticed the impressions of the GPS Microchip PLATE in celebrities forehead, such as, President Obama, Oprah, and Jay – Z (2014), I immediately sounded the alarm – and Tweeted all three of them – many times. Millions of people, especially people of color, particularly Black people have the PLATE. They are not aware that an illegal, unjust, immoral, Microchip was covertly placed in their heads while they were hospitalized , beauty shop or sleep in their beds (Space Aliens); the DANGER OF THE MICROCHIP: Brain Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Mental Disorders (Depression, ADHD/ ADD, Autism, etc) , Stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers/Dementia, Lymphedema, Diabetes, and many other diseases.

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