SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Soldiers Of God, by Guy Quigley


Line teaser:

A US Military doctor is shaken when he cannot save the life an identical twin who returns from the hereafter to make amends for her indiscretion with him when he was her sister’s fiancé. She must reconcile the love he had for her sister and introduce him to his unknown daughter.


Jack Dalton and Megan Clark are medical students and an item. Megan’s rebellious identical twin Juliet has a thing for Jack. After a night of drinking, Juliet and Jack have a sexual encounter creating a rift between her, Megan and the entire family. Juliet joins the military and starts working in Veteran’s Hospitals. Her interlude with Jack leaves her pregnant; she tells nobody and goes it alone. Three years later, Juliet is now a top-tier ER specialist and is blown up assisting the wounded on Route Irish in Iraq . Her flax jacket and Kevlar helmet protects her upper body but her lower body is badly broken. She is airlifted to CSH in the Green Zone where Jack is now a Military doctor attending to her wounds. Jack in devastated as she dies on the operating table. Later in the morgue her spirit arises out of her body and with the help of the white-suited handsome Mr. Saint, assigned to her case, her task is to try and make Jack aware he has a daughter called Meg.

There is a wealth of confusion when they return home a meet up with twin sister Megan, as little Meg finds it hard to know who’s who, while Juliet, whom only Jack can see; starts to create mischief in a bid to reunite Jack and Megan. This is in spite of the fact Megan is in the throws of marrying another man. Megan is of the impression that the her twin sister is haunting her with all the strange happenings going on. With the assistance of the ever demanding Mr. Saint and two of Juliet’s military friends, it all is resolved on Megan’s wedding day. Juliet has lived up to her promise and made their family whole once again and then Mr. Saint takes her towards to the gates of heaven, where she finally learns who he is?

By pitchstory

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