Title of Script: The Calling

Author Name: Reggie Cook

Type of Screenplay: TV Pilot

Website: http://www.ARK7EVEN.COM


Logline: The Calling is a biblically-based tv drama in which seven ordinary individuals protected by a band of angels, engage in spiritual warfare against demonic forces, after God grants each of them the supernatural gift of healing.

Summary of Script: On an unusually dismal summer morning in sultry Atlanta, Georgia, seven people with no connection to each other, are bestowed by God with the ability to heal any sickness or disease, including the removal of addictions. They can cast out demons and even raise the dead. Their number includes a ten-year old boy, a Mexican drug cartel leader, a fake faith healing preacher, a self-centered teenager, a grieving hair stylist, a doctor who’s an atheist, and an ordinary housewife.

But to whom much is given, much is required, and on that same day the forces of antagonism and resistance rise up in the form of a group of demons, who set out to control or destroy these seven. Like any gifted individual, their miraculous ability can be a tremendous blessing, but complicates their lives and everyone else’s around them.

But God has not left them to fight this fight alone. A band of angels lead by the archangel, Gabriel, show up to protect and guide these seven through their calling from one season to the next, where they will contend with challenges, in this world and the supernatural, that will push them past the limits of human endurance, to the glorious fulfillment of prophesy, well beyond anyone’s comprehension.

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