SCREENPLAY TRAILER: A Time to Heel, by Steven M. Goldberg

Title Of Storyline-“A Time To Heal”

Author Name: Steven M. Goldberg:

Type Of Screenplay: Feature Film

Summary Of Storyline:

Never Before has a Mission meant so much to a World In Crisis. “A Time To Heal” is Heartwarming Story of the very dangerous rescue mission of Ethiopian Jews to their Motherland with triumphs, tragedies and many surprises along the way and how it relates to healing the current crises of race and religious relations today. “A Time To Heal” is based on a true story but offers resolutions, ideas and alternatives to healing social injustice at a time when we need it the most.

Never before has the moment demanded a motion picture with the vision and drive in diversity to speak to the cause of truth, justice, unity and peace!!! If ever there was a film with universal appeal ,Steven M. Goldberg Productions is proud to present “A Time To Heal”!!!

By pitchstory

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