“They’re Watching Us”

Emma and Alexander are two actors…two actors in love. Or are they?

…they’re actors, afterall.

Two actors in a dry spell of work; they can’t seem to land any
parts. And they’re not getting any younger.

But their luck could change…

Alexander finds what could be the perfect opportunity: the chance to
perform as a couple in an immersive theater production.

They audition…

And learn the show is based on a ‘90’s horror film. One with
gratuitous nudity and violence…

They land the roles!

Alexander is excited to play the killer.

Emma agrees to take the part of his lover and final victim. She takes
it for the money and prays no one will know she’s been cast in the
production of “ControlFreak”…

As they perform the salacious love scenes and Emma watches
Alexander’s murder spree unfold, cracks in their relationship

The line between fantasy and reality grows dangerously blurry.

The audience watches them from all sides as they edge toward the final

Be careful who you trust with your life…they might be a truly
brilliant actor.

By pitchstory

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