SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Mountains Are Calling, Eva Bennett

TITLE of Script: The Mountains Are Calling

NAME: Eva Bennett

Type of screenplay: Feature

Logline: A​ recovering heroin addict leaves rehab and moves back with his parents to restart his life, only to have his daughter who he secretly gave up for adoption 18 years earlier show up at his door.

S​et in a small town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, recovering heroin addict Mason Summers has just moved back in with his parents after a stay in rehab. The day after he arrives, he comes home to his darkest secret sitting on his couch – 18 year old Abigail Summers. The daughter Mason never told anyone about, who he gave up in secret weeks after her birth, the memory that has haunted him since. With nowhere else to go, Abigail is invited to stay at the Summers household until she sets out for college in the fall. Can Mason learn to be the father that Abigail has never had?