SCREENPLAY TRAILER:: Angel’s Kiss, by Shannon L. Clements

“Angel’s Kiss”
Written By: Mr. Shannon L. Clements

A Feature Length Female Lead

Logline: Framed and incarcerated for murder Angel finds herself on the run from a shadow government and the twin brother of the man she murdered.

In the beginning Angel and her superior officers, Devon and Jeff, stand outside of their general’s house in a thunderstorm. Showing her loyalty to the society she silently awaits her orders. Devon barks off a few commands and she jumps into action. No questions asked. Silently she creeps through the house searching for the general. She doesn’t find him until she crests the top stairs. Hearing his soft snore she ghosts the hall to his door.

Searching each door to make sure no surprises lay in wait, she finally reaches the door without incident. The door creaks open. General York comes into view. Angel sneaks into the room, across the dark void, and stand right next to him. She pulls out a snub nose .38 calibur Smith & Wesson blue steel with the pearl handle gun, opens up the revolver chamber, loads up the chambers with bullets, points the gun, cocks back the hammer, and squeezes the trigger. BANG! A flash of light & a loud rapport fills the air. Bright crimson blood splatters everywhere.

Angel jumps at the sight of the blood. “Oh my god! The bullet was supposed to be a blank cartridge! What have I done?” She exclaims. Quickly she drops the pistol and runs for her life. Out into the rain and lightning flashes she runs. A neighbor calls out to her. She runs back to the front.

Both Devon and Jeff ditched her. The tires of their car screech as they drive away from the seen. Angel gives a futile chase after them. Sirens wail in the background growing louder each moment. She turns the corner just ahead of the police. They give chase. One officer hops out of the car to follow her down the alleyway. The squad car backtracks the way it came.

Jumping a fence causes more problems for Angel than was needed. A growling dog appears in front of her. Slowly she rises to her feet. The dog gets closer. The officer radios in the location and situation. Angel bolts with the dog giving chase. Quickly she climbs the front gate. The dog grapples her pant leg desperately pulling her back down. Her pants rip and she lands safely on the other side. Crying her heart out she pulls out her fortune which tells her that she has been double crossed. The police take her into custody.

5 years later Angel is released from prison with nothing but the clothes she wore the night she was caught. Her friend Gracie picks her up with a new lease on life. What will happen next? Is she safe? Act 2 begins.

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