Writer: Caroline Heinle

Director: SanMartin Garcia

Type of screenplay: short film (drama)


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About the film:

WHITE NOISE is a short film about Dana’s struggles with chronic pain due to a genetic condition called scoliosis. Determined to feel better, Dana goes on a hunt to find answers through various treatments and doctors today, and loses all trust in healthcare. She moves back home with her parents, in hopes to get the support and healing she craves, and in doing so, she learns to take control of her condition and make decisions for herself again.

In the end, she finds the right doctor and has the courage to tackle spinal fusion surgery, with the love and support of her parents.

White Noise is an inspirational story that tackles the subject matters of body dysmorphia, depression, chronic pain, family dynamics and self-acceptance.

Full synopsis:

The film begins with Dana being overwhelmed by all of the doctor’s she’s seen and still trying to keep up with work and life today, while struggling with chronic pain. Her mother flies to see her and sees how bad off her daughter is, so she encourages her to move home to get the love, support and care she needs. Although her parents love her, they can be a bit controlling at times, so one night, Dana remembers a friend who also has scoliosis and contacts her. Her friend shares with her, her journey with spinal fusion surgery and the name of the doctor she saw. Although it is not her parents’ top choice, Dana and her mother go to see the doctor who makes her feel seen and heard and explains the surgery, without rushing her into making a decision. She finally decides to have the surgery, but has to climb one other obstacle along the way, which ends up uniting her and her parents again. In the end, she feels confident in her decision and in her body again.

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