LOGLINE Video Pitch: Bound By Blood, by Dakota Banks


Bound By Blood by Dakota Banks

When a Colonial woman is unjustly burned at the stake, a Sumerian demon pulls her from the flames to become his Ageless assassin with powerful abilities until she rebels more than three centuries later, starting on a perilous journey to reclaim her soul by balancing lives taken at his direction with lives saved on her own.

LOGLINE Video Pitch: Dawsons, by James E. Carter


DAWSONS by James E. Carter

Kevin opened his restaurant Dawsons in the early 1970’s. The restaurant was a joint dream project with his wife Thelma who sadly passed away from breast cancer.

The neighborhood that he loves and adores Harlem is dealing with gentrification. His restaurant is on the brink of being shut down for good and he’s trying to keep it afloat.

Setting: Present Day Harlem, dealing with gentrification and everyday
issues and manage the relationship with his teenage son.

LOGLINE Video Pitch: From A Yardie To A Yankee, by Sardia Robinson

From a Yardie to a Yankee by Sardia Robinson

A young girl from the poorest parish in Jamaica dreams of going to America to be in the movies. Now grown up and successful, India Robinson flashes back and recounts her battles with dyslexia, bullies, racism, and absentee parents. With her vivid imagination, her singular passion, and a loving, but tough, grandmother’s support, India finally makes it to America joining a flawed mother she barely remembers. The film carries the audience through India’s emotional journeys, from self-doubt and resentment to acceptance and purpose with humor, drama, and an authentic Caribbean flare.

LOGLINE Pitch Video: If These Walls Could Talk, by Brett Thomas


WRITEN BY: Brett Thomas

LOG-LINE Set in mid-1980’s San Francisco during the AIDS pandemic. If These Walls CouldTalk is an exploration of counter-culture, sexuality—counter-balanced by indignation and outrage in the midst of a deadly pandemic and homophobic persecution. The story holds as many tears as it does anger. An expression often used to express curiosity about the history of a place is “If these walls could talk”, This film does exactly that. Pulling together pieces of an AIDS story of ecstasy and agony seldom told.

GENRE: Experimental Documentary

TYPE: Short Story

LOGLINE Pitch Video: WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND, by David Timothy Duty


WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND, by David Timothy Duty

Feature Film

US Air Force Staff Sergeant TIM DAVIS is on a leave and already planning on reenlisting. On the plane he meets Staff Sergeant MICHAEL HARRIS whose tour is up and reminds Tim to keep his priorities straight. Tim’s welcomed home by his PARENTS and fiancée HEATHER who can’t wait to get married. At a party, Tim meets a bartender named MARISA HARRIS, whom he’s instantly attracted to, and Michael’s widow. Tim’s been seeing Michael’s ghost everywhere. The plane. The party and in his own home. Michael wants his help in making sure the people he loves are cared for. Meanwhile, his parents and Heather want to plan out Tim’s life for him including education, career and a wedding in three weeks. It pushes Tim’s buttons. Tim agrees to help Michael.

Dinner with Heather’s parents is a disaster and after dinner Tim and Heather fight. Tim admits to his mother he’s not in love with her anymore. Tim works up the nerve to ask Marisa out to dinner. Michael’s a bit unnerved by it but he’s got bigger problems. His mother NANCY’s been hospitalized since his death and near death herself. Besides Tim, she can see Michael. She wants Michael to take her “home”. Tim’s older sister TABITHA, a casualty assistance officer, who coldly notified Marisa of Michael’s death, is learning a lesson about moving on when she runs into her ex LUKE and his very pregnant girlfriend WENDY. This stings Tabitha as she’s still grieving their stillborn child. Marisa considers opening a bakery/coffee shop with her SISTER and Tim’s deployment gets pushed back.

All is not rosy. A drunk Tabitha comes face-to-face with Marisa and spills the beans about Tim’s deployment and him knowing about her husband’s death notification. She breaks it off. Tabitha extends an olive branch to Marisa by inviting her to Thanksgiving dinner. At Thanksgiving, Marisa tells Tim she’s not ready for a committed relationship. Michael takes his ailing mother home. One year later Tim’s back home and he reconnects with Marisa, the passion still as strong as ever. They are happy and ready to go forward together.


TITLE of Script: SID

Type of screenplay: TV PILOT

Four years in the future, crime in the United States is at unprecedented levels. A new government is elected on the promise of putting an end to unrest. In a prison, a much-feared convict known as SID is summoned to the visiting room on his final day of a three-year sentence. He is met by two agents, the laid-back and unruly MAX and the clean-cut, highly anxious AGENT STONE, who inform the murderous brute that they know his history from his files; that his name is Ivan Drozdov, the he earned his nickname from dealing acid, that he has three black-belts, military training and has killed four people in prison during his time there. The agents tell Sid what they know about his family’s links to criminal underworld in Russia and Colombia, prompting him to react furiously – or so it seems – by placing Agent Stone in a fierce headlock. This is just Sid’s sense of humor, however, and he soon releases his victim’s neck, allowing the flustered agents to continue with their pitch. They tell Sid that they are there on government orders to make Sid an unusual offer; many crimes in the state, from drug dealing to prostitution, are to be legalized and only violent crimes such as murder will be outlawed. With his links to criminal organizations, Sid is to act as a paid intermediary to enable the government to legalize organized crime, but on their terms. Sid baulks at the idea of being both a cop and a rat and declines their offer. The agents give him their contact details in the event that he changes his mind. Agent Stone suggests looking at other options, but Max remains confident that they will get Sid on board.

Sid is released from prison and is met at the gates by his wife, NIKKI. He tells Nikki of his encounter with the agents and she encourages him to go along with their offer, maybe even make more demands in return. Sid considers this. Nikki informs him that his uncle, CARLOS, is wanting to get in touch with him urgently. After visiting his disabled young son at home and seeing family, who tell Sid that his mother has organized a party for him, Sid meets with Carlos and is surprised that he already knows about the government offer made to him. Carlos tells Sid that he needs someone taking out; a man called ANGEL, Carlos’ brother-in-law who has been working as an informer to the police and has gotten Carlos in trouble for tax evasion. Sid reluctantly agrees and must take Carlos’ son JUNIOR with him, but first he must pay a visit to HECTOR, a Puerto Rican bar landlord who owes Sid $40,000 as a reward for killing three people in prison. When Hector refuses to pay up, Sid batters one of his henchmen and leaves him for dead. Hector gives him the money owed, but this doesn’t stop Sid from killing a second henchman on his way out by stabbing him in the neck.

On the drive to the club where ANGEL is a DJ, Sid receives an angry call from his mother asking why he is not yet at the party. He promises that he and Junior will be there, but he knows that needs to kill Angel first. Arriving at the club, he shoots a security guard in the head before slaying Angel with a knife to the stomach and shooting a witness dead. Police arrive on scene and Sid is back in prison. He calls Agent Stone and he and Max agree to meet him to agree terms for their deal. Stone and Max have now arranged for Sid’s family – Junior, sister MARY brother BENNY – to come on board to keep him in check. Sid is released from prison but cannot stop himself from murdering the prison guard on his way out.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Saint Catherine’s Boys, by John Ravitz

Feature Screenplay

Logline- When a young man who was raised in a New York City orphanage kills the brother of a ruthless mob boss in self-defense, he must count on his estranged hitman father when the mob boss comes after him with everything he’s got.

Imagine if you discovered that the man who left you on the steps of a New York City orphanage as a baby is a hitman for the mob. Welcome to “Saint Catherine’s Boys.”

“Saint Catherine’s Boys” is written along the lines of films like Once Upon A Time In America” and “A Bronx Tale.” The story is about a smart and gifted young man named Eddie who was abandoned at birth and grew up in an orphanage who’s main benefactor is a powerful underworld organization. He is reluctantly reunited with his father, Gino, a mob hitman and soon finds himself pulled into a life he never wanted any part of. Eddie and Gino must somehow work together to protect everyone they love from the wrath of a ruthless mob boss.