SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Scarlett’s Ghost, by Robert Cole


“Scarlett’s Ghosts” is a story of sibling rivalry — hate and redemption played for laughs. In London, in the late 1700s, two aristocratic young men fall in love with beautiful Cassandra Bailey. Thomas was her betrothed and older brother Martin was having an affair with her. The triangle turned ugly with a bloody to-the-death sword fight in their grand home, Hamilton House. They haunt the halls, fighting and hurling outrageous insults at each other ‘round the clock.

When Scarlett Cameron moves in to Hamilton House, “the boys” think it’s Cassandra. She’s the spitting image of the object of their desire. The brothers proceed to stalk Scarlett and make her life miserable. She calls in rasta psychic Hermes Brown to get to the bottom of the problem. Hermes, however, has lost the gift since his beloved wife died. His precocious violin playing daughter Sarah has the gift and melds with the spirited brothers.

Scarlett and Hermes do some sleuthing and discover Cassandra Bailey became a nun after the boys earthly demise. They find her spirit doing penance in a derelict Irish church. Little Sarah is the link between spirits who carries the brothers spirits in a genie-like bottle. Martin gives way to Thomas eternal love for Cassandra. Their spirits unite in a soaring, spectacular emotion-filled moment as both ascend as Sarah plays a beautiful violin piece and Martin bids farewell to Scarlett.

By pitchstory

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