SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Who’s The Pin Head, by Samantha Hallenus

Summary: The bowling alley is the central meeting spot of the town. The town had a manufacturing plant but that closed. The townies and the people outside the town do not get along with each other.

Abe is seen as the crazy guy in town. His whole house is full of bowling themed items. He is sent a frozen pig’s head that he thought was going to be another bowling collectible. He goes ballistic. He thinks Yura is to blame for sending him the frozen pig’s head and he goes looking for her at the bowling lanes. Barry has beat him to the bowling alley to speak to Clark Jr. about a separate incident involving a burned up car and bowling shoes. Abe decides to go after Barry because he didn’t want to see his bowling stuff or hang out with him. Abe drives his car into the double doors of the bowling alley and manages to be able to work his way through to look for Yura. He throws a bowling pin shaped pocket knife at her. Sheriff Salt and the police arrive to the scene and handcuff him because they witnessed the assault.

Yura is the daughter of the pig farmer that lives outside of the town’s border. She has always disliked the “townies”. They generally have treated her like crap and have caused nothing but trouble for her family’s farm. The townies have left the pigs out more times than she can remember. The cops were over at their place while she was living for her bar job at the Bowling Alley. Abe also has tried to get fresh with her on past occasions.

Other characters mentioned in the script are a couple that bowl together at Mel’s Lanes (Barry and Peggy). Abe calls Barry excited about his delivery before he opens it and asks whether he wants to see it. He refuses and then Abe asks about meeting him at the bowling alley later.

Bowling Lane characters : Clark Jr. (owner of bowling alley), Molly (shoe rental girl), Vera (waitress/kitchen help/Bill’s wife), Bill (short order cook), Gill (barback/janitor).

Sheriff Salt: County Sheriff

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