TITLE of Script: Killing the Past

Logline: A disturbed woman after being sexually and emotionally abused as a child seeks to expel her inner torments by fulfilling a promise to kill her family. Her plan crystalizes when she dons a hidden persona but becomes sidetracked when she falls in love with the detective investigating her murders.
WGA(East) registered.

Author NAME: Alan R. Smith
Type of screenplay: Feature for movie or TV
Summary of script: A young Cassie Tornesco grows up in an abusive home. Her father, Frank Tornesco, physically batters her mother and sexually abuses the thirteen-year-old Cassie until she escapes the house at fifteen. Her mother, Emily, observes Frank molesting Cassie, but does nothing afraid of his violent nature. Cassie overhears her mother and father arguing, saying, neither ever wanted children. Cassie’s only hope is her brother, Ed. However, he decides to run away from the toxic home. Cassie’s childhood promise, to kill her family one day, crystalizes as an adult, as she dons a hidden persona.
She locates her father Frank at a Nashville bar. It’s Halloween and she’s dressed up in a witch disguise that covers her red hair. Cassie befriends the drunken Frank and feigning a night of “tricks and treats” leads him back to his apartment. Frank has no idea that Cassie is his daughter. At his apartment, Cassie reveals her identity, confessing her hate, and slits his throat, cleansing part of her soul, fulfilling her vow as the only way to find true happiness, emotional salvation.
Cassie pays a driver to take her to Key West where she locates her mother, Emily, and her brother, Ed. When they arrive, fearing the driver could connect Cassie to her father’s murder, she shoots the driver. In Key West, Ed, who works as a bartender, crosses paths with a homeless woman, a derelict, not realizing it is his mother, Emily, who now is a mere shadow of the once stunning mother. Cassie has transformed from a chubby little kid to a very attractive woman seeking out and befriends Ed concealing her Southern accent, dressed in Goth, uses “CJ” as her name. Cassie plans on killing her mother and pinning the murder on her brother.
Cassie runs into Key West PD Detective Zeke Monroe at a coffee shop, each smitten. To him and others in her daylight persona, she is “Cassie” with a natural Southern accent, full head of red hair, dressing in bright colored clothes. She begins a relationship of conflicting chords: the pull of hate and revenge against love and a future.
Spinelli brings Ed to the morgue for questioning about the murder of a homeless person. He shows Ed the body of Emily. After much fuming, Ed finally realizes the woman on the gurney is his mother. He has a matching “E” pendant to the one found on the victim. Emily had one made for each of her children. The detectives suspect Ed might be Emily’s killer.
Cassie resumes her quest for revenge. She begins to see Ed more frequently. Zeke’s sister, Daisy sees a woman with Ed and thinks it’s Cassie, but unsure because of the Goth look.
Zeke is curious about Cassie’s past. She tells him that she left an abusive home to Las Vegas where they got married.
Cassie has decided to leave Key West to close her apartment in Las Vegas, then return to live with Zeke, but recognizes Zeke and the other detectives are closing in on her—only Ed can substantiate new clues. Cassie realizing the only way to live the life she always wanted is to silence the only person in her way.
On a tip, Spinelli and Floyd arrive at Ed’s apartment, surprised to find Ed has been shot, but before he dies, he identifies Cassie. The Las Vegas PD ID Cassie and Zeke receives an old family picture that includes Cassie when she was a child linking the murders of Ed, Emily, and Frank to her. Zeke looks at the family photo putting the pieces together. Cassie is the young girl in the photo–she’s the killer.
Cassie’s at airport. Zeke and Spinelli arrive at the airport. Zeke confronts Cassie with the new evidence. Cassie tries to convince Zeke her past no longer matters. His duty eclipses his love for her. Cassie grasps while she is free of her inner devil, she cannot have the happiness she wanted. Cassie reveals a gun. Spinelli pulls his gun and aims at Cassie. Cassie raises the gun when Zeke rushes her. Spinelli shoots Cassie. Zeke at her side, pushes the gun aside and picks up the marble. Cassie tells Zeke about her deep love for him.
Final scene, months later, Zeke, Cassie’s marble in his hand, is with his mother and sister who are concerned he hasn’t moved on. Zeke in a funk, places the marble on the table, begins to walk away. Then, suddenly turns, picks up the marble and a heartfelt smile can be seen on his lips.

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