SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Saint Catherine’s Boys, by John Ravitz

Feature Screenplay

Logline- When a young man who was raised in a New York City orphanage kills the brother of a ruthless mob boss in self-defense, he must count on his estranged hitman father when the mob boss comes after him with everything he’s got.

Imagine if you discovered that the man who left you on the steps of a New York City orphanage as a baby is a hitman for the mob. Welcome to “Saint Catherine’s Boys.”

“Saint Catherine’s Boys” is written along the lines of films like Once Upon A Time In America” and “A Bronx Tale.” The story is about a smart and gifted young man named Eddie who was abandoned at birth and grew up in an orphanage who’s main benefactor is a powerful underworld organization. He is reluctantly reunited with his father, Gino, a mob hitman and soon finds himself pulled into a life he never wanted any part of. Eddie and Gino must somehow work together to protect everyone they love from the wrath of a ruthless mob boss.

By pitchstory

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