SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Treacherous Border, by Lawrence M. Watson

The Treacherous Border

Screenplay by Lawrence M Watson

Based on a true story of determination for a better life, risking it all.

Gene: Drama

My script centers around Antonio and Marina, the protagonists, who wish to cross their family illegally into the U.S. from Mexico. Arrangements are made for the family to cross the Rio Grande River and to bypass the Border Patrol checkpoint on a train. The family finds out their Coyote (individual who crosses illegal aliens) is an undercover agent for ICE on board the train to foil a military extremist plot on the train. They also run into an undercover agent for the DEA and members of a drug cartel in the same box car. The script also has three action scenes to include an explosion, a helicopter crash and the terrorist bomb exploding nearly causing the train to fall into a river from a bridge.

A surprising conclusion that brings together tales of love, resistance, determination, faith and terrorism that have defied the treacherous border.

By pitchstory

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