SCREENPLAY TRAILER: My Father’s Worst Nightmare, by Joe Russo

With his boyfriend, SHAWN, in tow; college sophomore NINO CERUTTI pays a weekend visit home for the express purpose of “coming out” to his family. Additionally, he wants permission to move from his dormitory to an off-campus apartment; to set up housekeeping with Shawn, whom he plans on introducing to the family during this visit. …….

SCREENPLAY PITCH: Escape To Hollow Earth, by Colin K. Stewart , Danny Weiss, David Weiss

Screenplay by: Colin K. Stewart

Based on the Novel: A Curious Pebble – The Hollow Earth and Pursuit of the Holy Lance
Written by: Danny Weiss and David Weiss.

A rebellious son of a naval pilot is compelled to protect an alien artifact and draws attention from the Pentagon and extra terrestrial beings battling over mankind’s fate, controlled by he who holds the Spear of Destiny.

Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure
Type: Feature Screenplay
WGA Registration Number: 1942941

SCREENPLAY PITCH: Hollow Earth Quest, by Danny Weiss & Kathy Krantz-Stewart

Title: Hollow Earth Quest
Screenplay by: Kathy Krantz-Stewart

Based on the Book: The Hollow Earth Revisited
Written by: Danny Weiss

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Tantalized by secret knowledge of a hidden world inside the Earth, an idealistic young man puts everything on the line in search of the truth.

A young boy journeys on his life-long quest for truth throughout adulthood to find mysterious connections to Inner Earth Beings.

A man spends his life pursuing the dream of discovering an entrance to the hollow interior of the Earth where a race of super-beings lives.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure
Type: Feature Screenplay
WGA Registration Number: 1908069

SCREENPLAY PITCH: Diva, by Anthony Aroya


by Anthony Aroya

Feature Film

A raging, egotistical pop star is on the skids in her career until she decides to recoup her popularity by performing a free concert at a college in Arizona. She soon becomes smitten with the star quarterback of school’s football team and after being rejected by him begins to stalk the man all while alienating those who love her and doing even more damage to her floundering music career.

SCREENPLAY PITCH: I’m Dreaming Of A Christ Christmas


I’m Dreaming of a Christ Christmas
by Warren A Rhodes
I’m dreaming of a Christ Christmas tells the story of a precocious and imaginative 11-year old Black girl’s dream of Christ’s birth. We follow Kat’s clever imaginings as she travels back in time to Bethlehem to witness the events of that Holy Night. Classic and original songs are brilliantly remixed to produce an exciting and masterful retelling of the Christmas story.

SCREENPLAY PITCH: Not An Exit, by Sid Kramer



by Sid Kramer

LOGLINE: a serial killer is reunited with his victims in a haunted house through a strange coincidence 26 years later. With their bodies burned to ash, all that remained were their mummified heads. The heads, once discovered, were mistakenly put into a haunted house as décor props. These victims have been waiting for a very long time, and at last, the day comes, they will have their revenge.

SCREENPLAY Pitch: Protector Of The Universe, by Anthony Aroya


by Anthony Aroya

Feature Film

Jordan Lucas,an unemployed musician, must prove to a group of powerful aliens that he hasn’t kidnapped their god of worship, who they believe is trapped in the body of a small dog,or the earth will face complete annihilation.